Who has 2 Thumbs and his Library Card back?


I contacted my library recently, to see if the fines that I had mentioned back in an older post could be reduced.

And they were, by a LARGE margin. So tonight, I went and paid em and got my card back.

Part of it, of course, is to get books. Tasty EBOOKS! Cause my County Library actually does have a method to borrow Ebooks, with automatic returning of said books.

But one of the cooler features, which I learned about today, is a place in the Downtown/Main Library called The Dorothy Lumely Melrose Center, aka the Melrose center.

Whats cool about this you might ask? WELL! Its a giant 26000 square foot tech center. It has, available for FREE to Library Card holders (ie ME!) the following:

  • Record music or vocals in a professional-grade audio studio. Record podcasts and voice overs in individual sound booths. Access audio editing software in one of the editing bays or editing workstations.
  • Our contemporary studio is the ideal place to produce a video with professional chromakey backgrounds. Access one of the editing bays or editing workstations to edit your short film.
  • Select from a variety of backdrops for still photography or use the lightbox for product shoots. Use photo editing software to get that picture perfect finish.
  • Explore, innovate and create in hands-on classes such as 3D printing, electronics, basic engineering, computer programming, robotics and so much more. (yes, thats a freaking FABRICATION LAB)
  • Explore the worlds of flight, construction and driver education by attending one of our classes. Access these interactive simulators for an out-of-this-world experience.

Its madness.  You have to attend a “general orientation” class first in order to access the full suite of classes (free classes I MIGHT ADD) and the actual area, but I have this Thursday off.  I mean, just LOOK AT THE EVENT CALENDER!  Programming classes, sewing, just all sorts of shit.

There is an orientation class at 6pm on Thursday.

I know what I am doing that evening.  Oh yea.  This is gonna be awesome.

Things sure as hell have changed since the last time I went to a library…17 years ago.


5 thoughts on “Who has 2 Thumbs and his Library Card back?

    1. I havent even got to mess with all the neat new stuff…YET. I fully intend tomorrow to take pictures and write a post about it once I am done with my orientation class :)


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