No Mans Sky: 21 minutes of New Gameplay!

From IGN, thanks to reddit, I have now seen this cool video.  This is 21 ish minutes of new gameplay for No Mans Sky, showing off a ton of stuff.  In the video you can see crafting, monoliths, NPCs, a space station. space flight, combat, how to get new patterns, and more!  Explanations on how exploration works as well

I will be honest, until this video I personally was mildly interested in NMS.  But this video shows off enough of what interests me to make me want the game.  Thankfully I have some steam wallet funds (enough to order this) so this now belongs to me.

For those unaware, No Mans Sky can best be described as a space exploration survival sandbox.  If you want to know more, there is a very nice post on Reddit going over the things you can do in the game based on what we know so far.

I am truthfully excited now. I love the idea of making myself basically a scientist / explorer, out to find new worlds, new creatures, catalog them, and learn new alien languages so I can interact with the locals. Much more interesting, and apparently IGN will have more new stuff all month.

6/21/16 cannot get here fast enough.

For those who want to purchase No Mans Sky on PC, here is a link to its Steam Page, and its $60 right now. No real reason to prepurchase it honestly, the ship looks nice but its not really needed. But hey, if you got the cash and want to make sure you have it ready to go, then there ya go.


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