Storium Launched: Why should you care?

I know that the vast majority of my followers here on my blog are book lovers.  Readers, writers, ect.

Some cross over into my other passion, gaming, but for the most part, I got started here with my book reviews, and frankly I WILL be writing new ones in the coming weeks.  I just…need to get the inspiration to do so.

But I am here to talk about a game / site / thingy that combines the 2 passions I have, gaming and books, together.  And no, its not a choose your own adventure novel (although THOSE ARE MAKING A COMEBACK!) but something else.

Its called Storium.

Storium is hard to describe, really.  Its a Roleplay site, basically, but with some interesting twists.  Here is the official description from their help site.

“Storium is an online storytelling game, and that makes it different from most other games you’ve probably played. How so?

It turns writing into a game

In Storium you have the freedom to truly do anything that you can imagine. That’s because Storium is based around creative writing. As you play, the game helps you figure out what to write next and how to keep your story interesting.

Everyone gets a say

Storium lets every player share in the storytelling. Everyone gets their moment in the spotlight, their own chance to decide what happens next in the story.

Anyone can play

You don’t have to be a skilled writer to play Storium. The game gives you the kind of creative “leg up” that’s missing when you stare at a blank sheet of paper.”

You can check out the link I posted above for more info.

I have dabbled back in the closed beta, where the creators were nice enough to give me access when I was without a job.  I want to get back into it because, frankly, it was a blast to play.  Basically, its collaborative storytelling using mechanics.  I love the combination, and it can create some very cool stuff.  The whole system is free, but you can also subscribe, which I like.

I suggest everyone who has a passion for the written word check it out!  It can possibly help you become a better writer, maybe give you ideas, or hell, just create a really fun story that you yourself was a part of!

And no, this was not a sponsored post.  I am doing this because I want to.


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