Review: Moon Hunters

Another day, another game review under my belt. And apparently one of the few “negative” reviews for the site as well. Not every game will be a winner, of course.

Vox Ludicus

I have been puzzling over how to approach this review for a few days now. On one hand, I think about how much I enjoyed the game early on, with its unique and colorful hand drawn art work and fascinating mythology. On the other hand, I think about how much I despise several of the classes and how horribly unbalanced and repetitive everything gets after about two hours of play, and I am torn. This is a divisive game, as divisive as I have ever seen or played. Anyway, let’s get right into the Four Pillars and break down the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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What Culture Pro Wrestling: Yes, its Real

First the original announcement video:

And now, here is the Top 10 Things you Need to know.

The biggest being that for us people outside Newcastle UK, we can watch it, weekly, online on Youtube! It sounds hilariously awesome and I personally welcome more Wrestling options. Especially something new that I can get into on the ground floor.

The What Culture guys have been amusing me for a while, and this just seems awesome.

Anyone else interested?  As a wrestling fan this makes me happy.

Review: Total War: Warhammer

Another review under my belt for Vox Ludicus! Next up is Moonhunters, and then I got 3 more games on my plate. Battleborn, Secrets of Grindea…and a secret one! :D

Vox Ludicus

I look upon the battlefield. The Greenskin horde, a full WAAAAGH in fact, was preparing thier assault. I had already been driven back by Grimgor Ironhide, and now he had backup. But I was not going to give in. I would take as many grobi as I could with me as I went to the halls of my ancestors.

I arranged my Dwai on top of a nearby hill, Cannons in the center of a half circle, surrounded by Quarrlers, ready with axe should the enemy close. Around them my stoutest Longbeards, veterans of many engagements and very angry. And in the center stood my general, Ungrim Ironfist the Slayer King!

The Greenskin tide sweep up and after a long, protracted battle, they wiped out my forces and wounded Ungrim. But I gave an accounting of myself: I wounded Grimgor and the other generals, and wiped out over half the forces.

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Battleborn is On Sale on Steam

Seriously.  I am hoping that a Steam Refund I just processed gets done early enough that I can get the Deluxe Edition (I doubt it will, but I hope).  I prefer its style over Overwatch.  If I dont make it however, I can at least get the base game.

If you are interested, the sale is ending at roughly 12pm Sunday EST.  Here is the Steam Page.

For those who want to know the difference between Overwatch and Battleborn, well here is TotalBiscuit going on about it!

Playing & Reading – Week 5/22/16 to 5/28/16


Alright lets dive right in, as this will be a shortish week for me.


Haven’t been gaming much. I have played about 3 hours of Total War Warhammer, and have even started a Lets Play of it. Gonna try to update that weekly (I have an episode queued up for this coming Wednesday, and already have my first up!). That game is phenomenal and I will be writing a review for it hopefully around Sunday for Vox Ludicus.

I have also started playing Moon Hunters, a Rogue Lite action game by a small indie studio, also up for review at Vox Ludicus. Honestly, Moon Hunters is really interesting but I have to try out its multiplayer options this weekend, even though I personally am a SP kinda guy.

Haven’t touched much else other then these two bad boys. I might play a bit of Lord of the Rings Online tonight with my wife when I get home, but that depends on her mood mostly. If not, I will be playing either Hearthstone (I need to do the Brawl this week) or more Total War Warhammer. I was thinking of starting over with my Dwarves honestly, as the Slayer King.


So in reading news, I finished both the Apocalypse Codex AND the Rhesus Chart by good ol Charles Stross. This series, the Laundry Archives, is phenomenal and I eagerly await the next book in the series. And that ending of the Rhesus Chart…god damn you Stross you have made me a tad upset!

I then started right into Shadows of Self by Sanderson, the 2nd book in the Alloy of Law trilogy. I own a physical copy of this at home but never have time to start reading it. So I grabbed a copy from my good old Public Library (Thanks OCPL!) and have been reading that as of yesterday. I missed Wax and Wayne, and Marisi and even Steris! Wayne has been getting some good character development so far.

After this book I have the newest Tanya Huff book, the first in the Peacekeepers series, along with the new Trial of Apollo book by Rick Riordan, and the first Alex Versus book. And City of Blades. I honestly have no idea which to start with!

Thats all for this week!  See ya soon gentle readers!

The Perks of being a Reviewer

So back when I did book reviews regularly, part of the reason I did that was, quite frankly, free books! Who doesn’t love free, right?

Well, its for a similar reason that I decided to accept a position as a reviewer for Vox Ludicus. I have a chance to get free games, which, given my new car and its painful payments, is a good thing. In fact, recently, I got my first free game to review, and after I write up my review of Total War: Warhammer, I am going to begin working on that game.

What game do you ask? Its called Moon Hunters, by Kitfox games.

I have a sort of list of games in fact that I want to review at some point. And honestly, I am always open to suggestions! If you have any guys please send them to me. Note that Vox Ludicus focuses on Indie titles. You can leave a comment here, or hell, email my offical reviewer email, found on the Contact page of the main site.

I also hope you folks enjoyed my writeup of Star Crawlers. Apparently someone did, it got featured on which was amazing.

Here’s hoping to a good run!