Gonna be a Lord of the Rings

I would consider myself a fan of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe.  The first book my mother read to me as a child was in fact the Hobbit, and I am firm in my belief that the world and adventure in that story is what shaped me, at least partially, to who am I now: a lover of fantasy, sci fi, and imagination!

Years ago, 9 to be near precise, Lord of the Rings Online was released.  At the time, I played WoW and basically was a MMO Snob.  I refused, REFUSED, to touch any other MMO at the time.

Since then I have dabbled in over 100 free to play and sub based games.  MMORGPs, MMOG, MOBA, ect.  Just tons.

But one I have never really taken the time to play and enjoy is Lord of the Rings Online.

Hell over a year ago, they had a huge sale on the 5 expansions and the Quest Packs and I went and bought ALL of em, just in case I decided to play.  Lately, I have been looking for a relaxing game, as Hearthstone is NOT RELAXING AT ALL.  Christ that game gets my salt levels maxed out so FAST.

Yesterday I created a Human (Man) Captain, named Grirwulf.  I am honestly enjoying it, taking the time to read the quest text and stuff, and just ride around.  Yes, the game has aged (so old jeez) but the atmosphere is something else.

If you like Lord of the Rings maybe you should give the game a little try.  You might surprise yourself!


One thought on “Gonna be a Lord of the Rings

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