There is a Beauty to be found in Lord of the Rings Online

Lets be frank, the game is old. 9 Years old point of fact. And it was designed with a graphical style that honestly does not age well, unlike say SWTOR, WoW, or Wildstar.

But while the character models and their faces can be a bit…horrifying…the landscape and scope of the game is something else all together.

Yesterday, I finally got to Bree, and I was floored with its design, size, and style. On the map, the city had looked small, but once I arrived inside I realized just how large it was. Further, when given the quest to go talk to a man about a horse, I realized as I rode my steed (thanks Samwise Starter Pack from 3 years ago) just how far I had to travel. It was LONG. Like, holy crap the Barrens in WoW long. And it was just one small segment!

I now want to share a couple of screenshots of the Breelands that I grabbed yesterday. Mind you, I am playing on Very High settings at 1080p. I turned it down from Ultra High as in cities like Bree my FPS tanks when there are a lot of people around, and Very High looks almost identical honestly. For those curious, I play on the Landroval server, as Grirwulf.

Firstly, one of the most interesting things I found in Lotro was, well, a band of minstrels! Check theses suave bards out!

They were jamming hard, and it was REALLY impressive to see a group of people literally playing music in game. They were also color coordinated!

Next I want to share a shot of the marshlands nearby, with the ruins they hold…


Finally, 2 other shots of some other ruins I found, which were inhabited by the filthy Blackwolds. Those curs! I shall smite them with my mighty blade! After I get done smelling these pretty flowers.

Also, while I have the name at home, I need to thank the fine folk of Landroval for making me feel welcome. Someone even sent me some starter gear out of nowhere!


6 thoughts on “There is a Beauty to be found in Lord of the Rings Online

    1. LOTRO is full of that stuff. Especially on Landroval, which is the unofficial RP server. Apparently also the player housing is setup in Neighborhoods so you have one instance with like an actual town, with a little square and stages and stuff for RP Events.

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    1. Interesting question! Tune in tomorrow as I got a post queued up that kinda explains what getting into LoTRO really means at the moment ;) Short answer: Yes, but be aware of the F2P restrictions, and you better be a fan of Lord of the Rings in general lol

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