Some Interesting Bits from around the Net

Sometimes I run across interesting or fun articles around the internet, and I would like to share a few with you today.

First: Happy 9th anniversary, Lord of the Rings Online! by Mersault Online. An interesting look at one persons love affair with this MMO, and their thoughts. Also some nice screenshots!

Second: Top Eight MMORPGs with the Best Quests by MMOBro. I have to agree with most of these assessments, cept maybe ESO. I was not a huge fan of ESO.

Third: Global Chat: An MMO to Call Home by MassivelyOP. A collection of stories and links all focused on the idea of finding a home in an MMO.

Fourth: Tree of Savior: First Impressions by Waiting For Rez. I had forgotten this had come out this week. I need to download and try it. I love this art style personally, and the game looks like fun, going back to the old Ragnarok Online Roots that I have. Also, a ton of class customization. I need a good grinder styled game.

Finally: My return to LOTRO by Ravalation. Just an interesting look on what its like to come back to a game you love.


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