Playing & Reading – Week of 5/8/16 to 5/14/16


I know I know its a few days late. I want to try to post these on Saturday or Sunday but to be honest, if you missed it, May 13th was my birthday and I had a busy busy weekend. But that did not slow down my Playing of Games or Reading of Books!

Lets get right into it!


Honestly I didn’t play many games this week. I dabbled in Hearthstone a bit and got angry at RNG. I played a bit of Lord of the Rings Online, and actually started playing with my wife! We have a pair of Elves from Mirkwood (we made em separately, and ended up looking like siblings so thats what we are RPing) with her being a Lore Master (BEARS!) and me a Hunter. Only annoying this is that either she will have to sub OR when we finish the Lone Lands I will have to spend $40 to get her the full quest pack. Unless the supposedly Steam Summer Sale hits in a few weeks and the Lotro stuff goes on sale. I did get her the Samwise starter though. Gotta love the extra bag space and mount. I doubt we will play much this week as she works Monday through Thursday. Guess I will work on my Captain who is level 15.

My wife is mostly excited about the housing.  Her elf might end up living in the Shire.  I am using my Captain to save money and maybe do some basic armor crafting for my Hunter (he is an Armorsmith).  I just wish I could find a good guide to how housing works.  I assume you can put walls up in the rooms cause the video I found made the rooms look HUGE.

I also started playing Game Dev Tycoon again. I forgot how good I am at that thing, its more relaxation then challenge. Beyond that, I played very little. I am saving my time for next week, May 24th. TOTAL WAR WARHAMMER BABY!


I have actually managed to read a lot more then play.  I finished the Jennifer Morgue and the Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross, which is more of the Laundry book series.  I am in love with these books, they are amazing.  I then was able to get my hands on the Aeronauts Windlass by Jim Butcher.

I am iffy with Butcher.  I love his Dresden Files, but cannot stand his Codex Alera.  So I felt I was taking a chance with Aeronauts Windlass, but I am rather enjoying it.  The cats are the best part of the book I swear.


3 thoughts on “Playing & Reading – Week of 5/8/16 to 5/14/16

  1. virasera

    Shamans made me rage a lot in HS this week too. Aeronauts Windlass is so good! The cats are definitely the best part, and I can’t wait for the next installment!

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