So it appears I got Drafted…

To do game reviews for a website. A pair of gents I know on Steam, and Reddit, apparently have a moderatly successful game review site called “Vox Ludicus“. And apparently they like my writing style for some strange reason, and reached out to my last week to join them in reviewing games.

I said sure, why not.

So now I am going to be contributing a review here and there to their site. Why am I doing this?

Hell if I know.

Check out the site though. I will post links when I do reviews, so folks who are curious can have a look. Mostly the site focuses on “Indie” or niche titles. I doubt you will find a Call of Duty or Modern Warfare review over there, but something like say Stellaris, or Age of Decadence? Sure!

Also I am going to write up my Playing and Reading feature in a bit today. I was very busy last week, it being my birthday and all.


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