Article Share: Git Gud vs Enjoying Games

I wanted to share an article today, and some thoughts on it.

The article is from RockPaperShotgun, and is titled An End To “GIT GUD” – You Don’t Need To Be “Good” At Games To Enjoy Them.

And you know what?  Its true.  I for one play games generally on either Normal or Easy settings.  I play to enjoy a good story and experience.  And while I no longer play games that are super hard, I used to, long ago.  I chilled out.  Challenge is all well and good (and a little challenge is needed) but you wont find me rocking Total War on Legendary for example, or playing Dark Souls at ALL.

This article resonated with me, because as I mentioned before, I am going to soon be reviewing games every so often on another site.  And I worry about how my opinions will be received, to a point.  Granted, I am easily able to ignore nonsense like “Git Gud Skrub” and whatnot.  But its still annoying and stupid.

Play games to enjoy them, in whatever way that means to you.  If you enjoy a game like Candy Crush then enjoy it.  If you want to play Dark Souls 3 without rolling using only unarmed then do it.  Do what makes you happy and stop judging others for enjoying something in a way that is different from yours.


3 thoughts on “Article Share: Git Gud vs Enjoying Games

  1. I love video games, but I am certainly not good at them (as the thrashing I get during multiplayer sessions will attest to.) Games are meant to be fun so play them in whatever way you find enjoyable. Some people love a good challenge whilst others prefer a relaxing session of Kirby. There is no right or wrong way to play.

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    1. YOU SPEAK! Hehe and yea I all about enjoyment first. I mean, why should I care if I play Civ on the easiest setting? I just like building up an empire and seeing it grow, as an example.

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