So Fallout 4 Mods have come to Consoles…and the results are not pretty.

I found out about this thanks to this Reddit Post by Raging-Afro. Now obviously I am sure most console players are not like these folks but I keep seeing reports all over the Fallout subreddits and others about these sort of begging and pleading comments, coupled with demands.

I mean just look at this data. Just look. Its….crazy. The infighting with a comment like “pls add to xbox but not ps4 they r hakors!” and another guy writing a bloody paragraph about how much he wants an AK47 / framerate nonsense.

Hell, there is a super popular and prolific modder by the name Elianora who is tired of it. She has this to say: “I understand that console users want mods BADLY. But WE GET IT. I GET IT. I GOT IT AFTER LIKE 2 MESSAGES. I don’t need 10 comments on Youtube, my Facebook, my mod pages, my Twitter and my account inbox every day asking for it. ಠ_ಠ” Her comment can be found right here if you are curious.

Honestly, some PC Players are not helping either by belittling the console players.

This nonsense is outta hand. Please guys, just enjoy the damn game and STOP FIGHTING LIKE FUCKING CHILDREN.


3 thoughts on “So Fallout 4 Mods have come to Consoles…and the results are not pretty.

    1. It really is. I have a woman in a Walmart once start trying to make fun of me cause I had a PC and not a PS4. She kept saying “YOU CANT PLAY LAST OF US” and finally I just said “You are right. But I can watch others play it…while playing a variety of games that you cant play in any way shape or form similar to me. Does that make you feel better? No? Then shut. UP.”

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