A Personal Moment: I have a New Car

So back in 2011 my wife and I had to get a car.  At the time, we were sharing a vehicle with our roommate, and our roommate did some asshole things with the car that ended up racking up a $4000 repair bill, and demanded we help pay for this. That caused us to seek our own vehicle.

We ended up getting a 2008 PT Cruiser with 45k miles on it from Carmax, with our shit credit and no money down, which was awesome.  And we named it Pretty Lady.  And she served us well till these last few months.  When our car hit about 92k miles…it started falling apart.  First there was a tire rod, so I got that fixed.  And then while that was getting fixed I was informed that EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF MY BRAKE SYSTEM was going out, and my Control Arms in the front was going bad, and an Engine Mount was dead (the outside right one), and that alone was roughly 2k in repair costs.  The Engine Mount was the cheapest at $200, the other two were pretty even in $900 a piece.  I did find a mechanic who would be able to fix the brakes and control arms for $400 each but that was still very high.

About 3 weeks ago…the AC went and died.  We had already repaired THAT a year ago for $700 cause of a fan.

So my wife and I started looking for a car.  Yesterday, we finally went to an actual dealer, and decided to see if we could pull off a brand new car.  And, while the monthly payment is right on the border of what is feasible for us (although they are going to talk to some banks on Monday to see if they can get a better APR) we now have a 2016 Kia Soul, a white one.

His name…IS BONE SOUL!  If you get the reference, kudos.

So yea.  When I say new, I mean it had 17 miles on it total when we drove it home last night.

Its kinda exciting, but god its not cheap.  I am just thinking about the higher monthly payment as the cost for the 5 year 60k mile full coverage warrenty the car has, along with its 5 years of free Roadside Assistance.  Shouldn’t be too bad honestly.


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