The Perks of being a Reviewer

So back when I did book reviews regularly, part of the reason I did that was, quite frankly, free books! Who doesn’t love free, right?

Well, its for a similar reason that I decided to accept a position as a reviewer for Vox Ludicus. I have a chance to get free games, which, given my new car and its painful payments, is a good thing. In fact, recently, I got my first free game to review, and after I write up my review of Total War: Warhammer, I am going to begin working on that game.

What game do you ask? Its called Moon Hunters, by Kitfox games.

I have a sort of list of games in fact that I want to review at some point. And honestly, I am always open to suggestions! If you have any guys please send them to me. Note that Vox Ludicus focuses on Indie titles. You can leave a comment here, or hell, email my offical reviewer email, found on the Contact page of the main site.

I also hope you folks enjoyed my writeup of Star Crawlers. Apparently someone did, it got featured on which was amazing.

Here’s hoping to a good run!


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