Review: Total War: Warhammer

Another review under my belt for Vox Ludicus! Next up is Moonhunters, and then I got 3 more games on my plate. Battleborn, Secrets of Grindea…and a secret one! :D

Vox Ludicus

I look upon the battlefield. The Greenskin horde, a full WAAAAGH in fact, was preparing thier assault. I had already been driven back by Grimgor Ironhide, and now he had backup. But I was not going to give in. I would take as many grobi as I could with me as I went to the halls of my ancestors.

I arranged my Dwai on top of a nearby hill, Cannons in the center of a half circle, surrounded by Quarrlers, ready with axe should the enemy close. Around them my stoutest Longbeards, veterans of many engagements and very angry. And in the center stood my general, Ungrim Ironfist the Slayer King!

The Greenskin tide sweep up and after a long, protracted battle, they wiped out my forces and wounded Ungrim. But I gave an accounting of myself: I wounded Grimgor and the other generals, and wiped out over half the forces.

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