The SteelSeries Ultimate Setup Giveaway

This is really cool.  SteelSeries is hosting a badass giveaway where you choose a Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, and Headset from them for a chance to win either your “Ultimate Setup” OR win other prizes.

You can sign up here by clicking this link.

The Giveaway ends July 15th.  They are giving prizes out daily.  Check out this list of prizes!  Its crazy.

1 Grand Prize: Your Ultimate Setup + Tour of Valve HQ and VR Experience.
1 Second Place: Your Ultimate Setup + GE62 Apache Pro Gaming Laptop
25 Third Place: Your Ultimate Setup

They are also giving away:

100 x Siberia 200 Gaming Headsets
25 x Nimbus Controllers for Apple TV
25 x Stratus XL Controllers for Android and Windows
75 x $50 Gift Cards
15 x $20 Steam Gift Cards
15 x $25 Riot (RP) Gift Cards
15 x $20 Blizzard Gift Cards
2x Overwatch: Collector’s Edition for PC
5x Guild Wars 2 Charr Plush
75x Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns for PC
4x Dragon Age Inquisition: Collector’s + Inquisitor’s Ed.
4x Dota 2 Series 2 DemiHeroes
10x Dota 2 Series 2 Microplush Blindboxes
15x NECA Heroes of the Storm Figurines


Total War Warhammer: Blood for the Blood God DLC Released Today, as well as Patch 1



If you were missing the violence, blood, and gore from Total War Warhammer, well have I got a treat for you! Today Creative Assembly released the Blood and Gore DLC, aptly titled “Blood for the Blood God“, on Steam today for $2.99

If you play Total War Warhammer, you should consider getting this as it will really add to the gritty and violent feel of the Old World.

Also, today was the day that Creative Assembly released Update Patch 1, which had some huge sweeping changes, and even added the Blood Knight unit to the Vampire Counts! This has made me consider reinstalling the game early (I am waiting for the DLC to release fully) cause I really want to play some Vamp Counts…

You can read the full patch notes here on the Offical Wiki.

Here is the Blood for the Blood God Trailer as well:

An Essay written by @galaxykate about Procedural Generation

I love Procedural Generation in games. If done well, it basically creates a game that can be played infinitely. when done poorly, it can create basically trash.

Games like FTL and Binding of Issac are two very good examples of good procedural generation. I know folks who have hundreads of hours in each and they never get tired of em. Diablo 2 is arguably the king of procedural generation, as its still enjoyed 16 years later, as it was released on 6/29/2000.

One of the reason I have started learning Unity 3D is to eventually create a procedurally generated dungeon crawler FPS, similar in design to the game Hellgate London, which sadly was the first and only game of its kind. Seriously, no one has created anything like it since. You get Action RPGs a plenty but they all follow the Diablo formula. You get a few FPS RPGs but they follow the Borderlands formula. No one has created an FPS ARPG like Hellgate London.

I was browins Reddit, as I often do, and came across this thread which linked to an amazingly well written and interesting essay about procedural generation in more general terms.

Here is the Essay, written by someone called “Galaxy Kate”.

Its a fascinating read, and if you are interested in GameDev or just more esoteric game concepts you should give it a read. Its long, I admit, but I found it very cool.

Personally after reading it I am thinking that, for my purposes at least, I am going to start with Tile Based Generation. I have no idea how to write such a thing, and given that I am still learning how to work in Blender and Unity 3D to begin with, I have a long way to go. But its nice to have an eventual goal.

Also, I found this handy series that a lot of people say is really good for learning Unity 3D, written by Walker Boys Studio where they will even give you grades and things for free. And even mail you a certificate once ya finish. Thats pretty cool. Gonna focuse on learning the C# stuff for it.

Review: Steamworld Heist

Truthfully while I do not personally enjoy this game, I can see its appeal. Here as always are my honest thoughts regarding this game and what I like and dislike about it!

Vox Ludicus

It has come to my attention recently that I have very different tastes in games from the vast majority of people.

You may find that an odd realization to come to. However, it hit me as I was playing Steamworld Heist, an indie darling that many people love, and I honestly don’t. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong. Visually stunning, a soundtrack created by the band Steam Powered Giraffe (of which I am a fan) and solid gameplay.

But it’s not my kind of game. And I do have some issues with the PC Port. Yes, I played the PC Port, a key was given to us by the developers and I was the reviewer tapped to try it.

Let’s get into my Pillars and I will break it down for ya.

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20 Games for you to bite into for The Sale

Trying to figure out some good games for the Summer Sale? Check out our Vox Ludicus picks! Mine are the best, obviously.

Vox Ludicus

So the Steam Summer Sale is finally upon us. The illustrious moment every year where my wallet gets drained by Gaben and the crew at Valve. Whilst this year’s Summer Sale might not have the glitzy flash sales or the ingenious game, there are quite a few deals that are worth picking up. We at Vox Ludicus have compiled a list of 20 games for you to bite into during this ‘Picnic’ Sale.

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The Oculus Rift and its Drama

The Oculus Rift has been having issues with Drama recently.

First the company merged / was sold to Facebook.  Then there were issues with shipping.  And now recently there was a bunch of DRM issues involving adding DRM to the system.

Its just out of hand.  VR as it stands is already very expensive and hard to get into.  The Vive is roughly $800 while the Rift is $600.  That’s not a small price, nevermind the space requirements.

So having these things like DRM and all these other issues is not a good sign, and the Rift has been suffering for it.

For those curious about the full extent of the issues surrounding the Rift, you can find this handy dandy reddit post going over everything.  Its fascinating honestly.

And if I ever got into VR, I would end up with the Vive.