@Jack_TheJobber tries to find Help – The Story Thus Far

Ok so there is a storyline already in the works for WCPW.  Well 2 storylines really.  One is Jack the Jobber trying to find an opponent to face Rampage at WCPW.  The other is what happens when Jack finally finds people.

It all started with this video, where Adam introduced everyone to Rampage.

And then we got an introduction to said Rampage.

From there, we began to see Jack the Jobber try to find himself some help.  At first, it was with Eugene.

When this fails, Jack tries to find himself an escort…

This of course does not work at all.  So then he calls a “brother” to get some assistance.

Finally, during the introduction of Local Hero Joe Hendry, we get this sweet interruption.  Jack might have finally found a friend and ally!

Joe Hendry, being a gentleman and a scholar decides to consider his position and, well, this was the result.

However, trouble began brewing….with the arrival of a man named DAMO.

And that brings us here…to this epic struggle.

Who will win this epic battle?!  I mean, I am on Joe Hendry’s side.  HE PLAYED PLAYSTATION AND CHILLED ON SUNDAY WITH YOU JACK!  HE DESERVES THIS!

Please don’t hurt me Damo.


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