Playing & Reading – week of 6/12/16 to 6/18/16 (Now with a Weekly Question!)


Alrighty, I know I know late again, but I was sick and still am. So sue me. GOD! But hey, at least I am trying to add something this time! :P


I actually haven’t been playing much. Played a bit of Stories to make a video. Played some Chronicle: Runescape Legends which I am loving. Seriously its much more strategic then Hearthstone, and has a very nice style. I know nothing, literally nothing, about Runescape and don’t feel like I am missing much.

I also got a hold of Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns and am dabbling with that a bit. Used my level 80 boost on a Necromancer (Asura) and am doing the personal story stuff. Also have a little bitty Ranger. I also reinstalled Fallout 4 but haven’t done very much yet besides install two radio mods (Jet Fuel Radio and Old World Radio).

I also dabbled with Secrets of Grindea, which is another game I have to review. I also messed around a bit with Neverwinter Nights 2 but realized I really hate the control scheme.

Not much else has been done gaming wise.


However, I went on a reading binge this past week. I finished the rest of the Alex Verus series and that was amazing. The finale was something I did not see coming and makes me salivate for the next book. I also started and finished Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley which was also awesome. It felt like it dragged on at times, but overall was a solid read.

I am trying to figure out what to read now. I started re-reading the Wild Cards Book 1, which is a collection of short stories about super heroes that was original written back in the 80s. There is a whole series now on it.


I decided to add a weekly question to this post, to try to engage some of you folks. I have over 100 followers now (which is kinda frightening honestly) and I wanted to maybe get to know you folks a bit better, maybe start some dialog, hell maybe get you to steal this thing and turn it into one of those Tag Posts that makes it way around the blogging world :D

So my WEEKLY QUESTION today is this: What game, if any, do you miss? It could be one that you had and sold off or lost, it could be a game that has closed down. It could be a game you just haven’t played in forever and keep meaning to revisit.

For me, at least as of late, its Hellgate London. There is nothing like it honestly. For those unaware, Hellgate London (and later, Hellgate Global) was a First Person Sci-Fi Diablo Clone. It used randomized dungeons with lots of loot, RPG Skill Trees, 6 classes, and a Sci Fi / Supernatural storyline. There is no game like it. Borderlands is close, but Borderlands has large open worlds instead of tight randomized dungeons, for example. And I miss the story and the goofiness of fighting demons from hell in the London Subway systems and things.  In fact, I have considered trying to teach myself Unity 3D for the express purpose of creating a game like Hellgate London.  There has to be a market right?

How bout you guys?


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