Creativity vs Motivation – What gets ya going?

Do you ever have the urge to be creative? Logically I suppose you do, if you are also a blogger. I think everyone gets creative urges at times. I think that creativity is a spark that resides in everyone, and anyone has the potential to create something.

The question then, is what separates a person who creates vs those who only dream. And the answer is motivation.

Take myself, for instance. I have tons of ideas, all the time. Ideas for stories, ideas for DND Adventures, ideas for characters and scenarios and games and systems. But I almost never act on them. Sure, on a few occasions I have sat down and created a small game in Construct 2 (They no longer exist sadly). I have created a miniature wargame ruleset. I have written short stories and whatnot.

But I never really apply myself and once I make something, I tend to drop it. I get bored, I wander off. I am trying to fix that however, and I have found, for me, I get more motivated when its something I really want to do.

For example, I have decided to start slowly learning Unity 3D to make the kind of game I am interested in. I dunno if I will succeed honestly, or hell even finish. I have quite a bit about the game and what I want written down but who knows if I will ever finish.  Then again, at least trying to learn it will give me a start on making something later, so there is that.

How do you get Creative? How many projects have you managed to finish?


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