Clay is Making a Game: Entry 1 – How the Hell do I start?!

Hello folks. Since I have decided I am going to learn Unity 3D to make a game (I have 2 ideas now) I figured I would start writing down my thoughts on the whole process. I need more blogging fodder anyway, so why not!

The trick however is figuring out where to start. First, the obvious thing is to download the software, which I have done. Thank god that was easy to do.

From there you gotta learn the software. And game design. Game Design I understand. I can design systems and concepts and figure out mechanics fairly easily. Learning the software however is something different.

There are tons of options too. Lets list em out:

Books, either Print or EBooks
Online Text Tutorials
Online Video Tutorials
Online Classes
In Person Classes

In fact, sometimes I think the first step to learning something is the hardest. The point where you go “Wow I have so many options how do I choose” and then you get stuck trying to do just that. To choose a starting point.

So far, I have pretty much grabbed a few free ebooks from one site (this site has been doing a week of free Unity 3D Books, I have gotten a getting started and a UI Design one from there), I spent the $5 in Kindle Credit on another book by that same publisher, and I of course have access to the free Unity tutorials on the web.

Tonight, my goal is to get home and maybe do the first of the offical Unity 3D tutorials, which is to make a roller ball game. Simple, basic, and should be easy. Once I am done I will upload it to Dropbox or something and put a link here so folks who want to mess with it can. I usually dabble when doing tutorials so it might not be the same thing the tutorial wanted ;)


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