The Steam Summer Sale has Begun

Let the chaos begin!

I only have $13 of steam credit, so I grabbed Thea: The Awakening which I had been iffy about till I read the review on Vox Ludicus (SHAMELESS PLUG!)

And of course other reviews.  Any games you guys are thinking of grabbing?


5 thoughts on “The Steam Summer Sale has Begun

  1. I definitely grabbed Prison Architect. Normally like $30 I think and I got it for $8!! I’ve been wanting to buy it forever. Looking at the review for Thea: The Awakening it looks like a combination of Hearthstone and Civilization. Might have to put it on my wishlist. lol.

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    1. Its very very different. I played it for 2 hours straight last night and enjoyed every second. Its surprisingly story driven and complex. Its not a CCG at all though. You dont build a deck or anything. And you dont even make more cities. It plays more like Heroes of Might and Magic but with a Card driven battle system, where your units are cards and you have to strategically use them during battle. And battles can be actual fights, or brewing poison (my current tactics as my guys are real good at poisoning folks) or talking enemies down ect. And the mythology in the game is amazing.

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        1. Well again you dont have a deck or anything. You dont choose the cards. Basically you create a team of up to 6 villagers for your expedition, and they become the cards you use during engagements. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to understand.

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