Hosting my Own Site vs WordPress

Recently I have been pondering things, such as monetization and ad revenue and ways to make additional money using what few skills I have.  It hit me that my site, while not super popular, does do pretty well.  I mean, over the last few months I have been getting 20-30 unique visits a day roughly.  In May for example, I hit 410 Unique Visits, and so far for June I am up to 629.

That’s no small feat.

Sure it’s not as nuts as some sites get.  I am not where near what even the site I write reviews for, Vox Ludicus, gets on a daily basis even when we post nothing.  But it’s still something.

Sadly, being on the Free WordPress system limits my options.  I cannot use Google Adwords, or Project Wonderful or anything to attempt to generate revenue.  I am unsure if I can use Patreon or even if that would be something smart, or hell if I could even post a donation link to Paypal!

So how do I make money, even a small amount, with my writing?  I dont know how to freelance for example.  All I have that belongs to me is this little corner of the web.

Well the obvious answer would be to start by getting myself my own domain and site hosting.  There are tons of options out there, and some are not too costly.  The old “you gotta spend money to make money” adage would apply here.  I would have to pay monthly for site hosting, but I could possibly generate small amounts of money via ads, which could then pay for the site hosting?

I could also have total control over my site, from how it looks, to its domain name, everything. Have ads if I wanted (unobtrusive of course) and all that jazz without worry.

I am concerned however that doing such a move would cause me to lose my audience, my followers, and traffic connections.  I know that the WordPress tutorial says that they help with all of that, but I am unsure.  Also I would be on my own for support for the most part, and I would have to make sure to monitor things closely.

Have any of you moved to your own site?  Why did you do so, and how has it managed?  I mean, I honestly am unsure if I would even have access via my own site with a WordPress Install to people I follow….


18 thoughts on “Hosting my Own Site vs WordPress

  1. I did it! I moved from free to self-hosted, but I wasn’t very popular back then (heck I am still not) so I had not much to fear. It’s really easy (in my opinion). You seem to be tech-savy enough to handle it :) Jetpack plugin does the migration of all your followers for you. Jepack plugin also does integration with functionality, so wordpress free users would still be able to follow you via wordpress reader and ‘like’ your posts etc. You can also import your email subscribers and use jetpack plugin to keep just sending automated emails every time you post. (Or simply go full autonomy mode and sign up for mailchimp or something.)
    There are some tutorials out there that help you with the basics, I could link you to some if you’d need help. But it’s pretty straight forward, specially nowadays hosting providers already come with the option to 1-click install for
    Oh, and during all the moving, you can purchase a redirect from for 1 year or so, just in case some people still visit you at your old address during that time.

    Good luck :)

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    1. Oh and I forgot to add the reason why I moved. It takes a lot to make money from ads, so my reasoning was not monetary, even though it’s nice to keep that in mind for the future. But because I am a designer and I love to customize EVERYTHING, I didn’t feel I had enough freedom with a blog. You can’t even install external themes. Not only that, you can’t even use scripts on your posts. Not even rafflecopter scripts. Basically, you are very limited in what you can do, in general. There is a downside on self-hosting though. Let’s not forget is really stable as a server, the downtime is practically non existent.

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  2. Some people I follow seem to have moved to another host successfully. I am happy sticking with WordPress though, as they do a lot of the HTML grunt work that I don’t understand. Besides my site doesn’t get enough traffic to make cash or even convince companies to send me review codes. I assume I would need thousands of readers every day to make money from ads.

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  3. I have my book blog which is free but I have my work website that is hosted through WordPress. I can’t tell you about your followers but the tech support and access is better. That being said I still do keep my book blog site free so I’m no help at all…sorry!

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      1. For work I rely a lot less on followers. But I can tell you this, it very flexible as far as setting up proper payment plans. I have a fairly complex booking system with a payment plan and it all works smoothly with them, I have a friend who has a simple business so people just go on his website and pay through PayPal and that works too (just remember PayPal has fees as well) so the pay plans are
        waaay more flexible than the free options.

        As far as your followers go, for me personally as a follower and I only speak for myself, the ads are already there so as long as the ads don’t start to distract from the content they don’t bother me. Now if bloggers start begging for donations constantly (hey I’m a poor blogger too!) or if the ads take up more space than the blog content that’s when I bail, but everyone’s different. Just know your audience and don’t overwhelm them.

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        1. Nah I would prolly just have a link in the side bar to the paypal things and then a sidebar Ad block and maybe one at the bottom of the pages. Thats about it. Nothing massive or anything lol

          I wish I knew a way to put my writing skills to use haha. This is all I got however.

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