Playing & Reading – Week of 6/19/16 to 6/25/16


Another week has passed us by. Its been rather eventful. I spent most of it sick with a head cold, finally started feeling better on Friday and was able to sleep all Thursday night, thank god. Managed to pick up Thea: The Awakening for the Steam Sale and that will most likely be my only purchase, as I had steam credit from a refund and it was just enough to buy that.

Anyway, lets get right into the meat and potatoes, or the games and books of the week!



Its been another light week. Being sick made me not really want to play much of anything. I played a few hours of Guild of Dungeoneering, and I think I am going to review that for Vox Ludicus. I had preordered the game and have finally gotten around to playing it.

I also of course played about 2 straight hours of Thea on Thursday when I got home, and found it to be a very trippy game. The combat / conflict resolution system using cards is very intricate and takes some getting used to, and its one of the major RNG factors of the game. But the actual concept of the game, managing a single village while trying to regain your godly power and complete missions is fascinating and the way everything interlocks is really cool.

I also dabbled a bit with Steamworld Heist as I still need to review it. I just don’t enjoy the game as it is. Bleh.


Technically this is both a game AND a book, so I am putting it here. I read and played the Gamebook “Choice of Robots” by Choice of Games, and had a hugely fun time with it. I love interactive fiction as it combines my two great loves: Reading, and Gaming. I must have played the book about 5 times in a single day.

I also reread the first Wildcards book and am working on Book 2. That’s about it on the reading front!


No one answered last weeks question (BOO!) so I suppose you all barely read this. But why not ask another.

What is your favorite Youtube channel, personality, or series, and why?

For me its gotta be the Game Chasers. They are hilarious, fun, informative, and entertaining. Even if they are chodes as they put it.


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