The Oculus Rift and its Drama

The Oculus Rift has been having issues with Drama recently.

First the company merged / was sold to Facebook.  Then there were issues with shipping.  And now recently there was a bunch of DRM issues involving adding DRM to the system.

Its just out of hand.  VR as it stands is already very expensive and hard to get into.  The Vive is roughly $800 while the Rift is $600.  That’s not a small price, nevermind the space requirements.

So having these things like DRM and all these other issues is not a good sign, and the Rift has been suffering for it.

For those curious about the full extent of the issues surrounding the Rift, you can find this handy dandy reddit post going over everything.  Its fascinating honestly.

And if I ever got into VR, I would end up with the Vive.


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