Taking a Break for a Bit

This is not farewall, this is just me taking a break for a bit.  I will still be around answering comments but there will likely be very few if any new posts for a little while.  I am focusing on my Youtube work as of late, and frankly its a ton of fun (I spent all of Sunday making custom thumbnails!).

I really only have time for one major hobby as it stands, and since no one here seems to be interested in my videos (And frankly I don’t blame ya) then its just easier to slow down here.

I will still be posting, especially when I do reviews for Vox Ludicus.  But in general I won’t be as active here as I have been.

See ya guys soon.


A Surprising Revelation!

So I was checking out my views for the blog, curious as to how I have been doing. As far as follower count I have seemingly peaked, which I am not surprised by in the slightest. Each of you who follows me for whatever reason you have chosen to do so is a treasure.

But what has amazed me is this revelation: Every day this week I posted a Youtube Video I created, I got crap views. No one paid attention, no one liked it, nothing. But on the two days I posted just general blog / thoughts I had a SPIKE in attention.

This is fascinating to me. This is why I have decided to not post any more of my personal youtube creations here. You all have clearly spoken and the word is “WE DONT WANT VIDS!”

Which is fine.

Its just very fascinating.

When is a game “Dead”?

This is the logo of a dead game.  Behold its sadness

People love to shout about a game being dead or dying. Recently its been Battleborn getting such cries, over and over again. Why do they think its dead?

Because very few people are playing it.

But here is the thing. A Game is not dead until its no longer playable. Games do not just vanish. Can you play the game? Then guess what, its not freaking dead. Are the official servers still active and maintained? Then its not dead!

It might be unpopular sure, it might have a very low playerbase, but its not dead.

Battleborn in fact is slowly getting an upswing with the current 2k Humble Bundle, as you can get the game at the $15 tier along wtih a ton of other good games.

You wanna know what a dead game looks like? Star Wars Galaxies. Warhammer Online. Planetside 1. Darkspore. These are games that literally cannot be played (officially at least) any longer. They are gone. Vanished.


People think a game I have recently got back into playing, Warmachine Tactics, as being dead. But the devs are STILL making new units for it, and content. People STILL play it, the forums are STILL active, and hell I am planning a few PVP Matches this weekend. Its not dead. It just has a small but dedicated fanbase.  Hell, if you are curious about WMT, might I suggest checking out the Demo the Steam Page offers?  Its a good turn based strategy game, and the Demo even lets you play PVP matches!

When a game is no longer supported and officially playable, then you can call the thing dead.

The Best Arena Deck I have ever made, thanks to HearthArena!

Removal, and 2 Solid Legendaries.  Oh yea, its stupid

Whats funny is I was trying out HearthArena cause Kripp has been using it, and I suck at draft choices.

Then the game goes and says HEY HERE IS SOME DUMB LUCK FOR YA BOYO! Have some removal, and some legendaries.

My second opponent was really nice after the match. I felt bad cause I used a Cabalist Tome early on…which gave me 2 Blizzards and another Tome. He thought my deck just had 2 blizzards and 2 flame strikes.

I haven’t gone past 3-1 yet as I haven’t had a chance to really play much. This deck is just silly though so far.  Thanks to the videos by Kripp and Trump though I think I am getting a handle on how to play better.  Sure, the game gave me the deck, but I still gotta use it right.

I lost one game just because I faced another mage and couldnt seem to gain a good foothold. Still doing stupid well though.

Making Videos no one Watches

In a fascinating turn of events, I have discovered Youtube Analytics for my video channel. It lets me see all sorts of crap like how many views each video gets, from where, what days, ect.

But one thing I never noticed was a thing called Average Viewing Time. Basically, Youtube tracks how long each person watches a video before leaving. Its really handy as it can kind of tell you how interesting your videos might be.

Apparently mine are shit.

No, really. Check out these stats. These are pulled for my channels LIFETIME. So these are lifetime averages.


And just for reference, here is the last 7 days, specifically 7/11 to 7/18.

this week

What do these tell me? That I am boring beyond belief. lol No one sticks around to watch my 30+ minute videos. Most people leave around the 2 minute mark in most cases. And the trick with averages means that the lower the average the less likely anyone has actually watched more then that.

Comically, this doesn’t really change my attitude towards video making. Some folks have told me the issue is that my videos are too long, but that doesnt really jive. An interesting video would mean that people would stick around right? Or is it simply because of length?

The real issue here is that NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING. No one says a word to me about the content of the videos. Nothing.

So I am just going to keep on doing what I have been doing. At least until someone has the balls to actually watch one of these and give me honest feedback about the content. Which no one will lol

Whats REALLY interesting to me is that most people watch my videos about Warmachine Tactics.  Good thing I am going to be focusing on those for a while.