Playing and Reading – Week of 6/26/16 to 7/2/16


Yes its a day late, but its the weekend, a 3 day weekend, and I am apparently still sick yay!

But hey, its still done at least.  Don’t judge me I don’t see any of YOU doing weekly status updates!


Not much honestly. I reinstalled Kingdoms of Amalur from Origin, and then uninstalled it. I am unsure if I am in the mood for it. I did play some Renowned Explorers: International Society though, which is still an amazing game. I plan today to play some Heroes of a Broken Land as well, for a video, and maybe work on Secrets of Grindea and Reverse Crawl as well.

I really just don’t know honestly what to play! Its rather infuriating.


Today I am going to write a bit about Super Hero fiction. I finished reading Wild Cards Book 3 earlier this week, and restarted the Cape High series, which is a fun indie series focused on a super high school.

Supers in fiction are kinda rare honestly. Sure you got comics, but I am not a huge fan of comics. I prefer reading because it lets me form the images in my head. A good writer describes things just enough for me to get a starter picture, and lets me fill in the gaps. The writers who explain everything in fine detail honestly bore me.

But finding good super fiction is rare. There is tons out there by indie authors, and not all of it is good. The best series out there to date is the Wild Cards series, which is a series written by a team of professional authors and edited by GRR Martin. There is something like 14 books in the series too, and most are QUITE long. Cape High is the other decent series I have found, which has I think 11 or 12 books now, but they are more like novella’s in length.

Just reached Book 2 of Cape High again. Hopefully I can work my way through it by the end of next week.


Not that anyone reads these things. Got any plans for the Fourth? I gotta write my review of “Guild of Dungeoneering”.


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