There be Drama in Nerd Cubed’s World

So Nerd Cubed is a youtuber I watch on occasion.  His antics amuse me and he plays a lot of games I like.

Recently, he got an email from a game dev about the following video:

This is the original video.  The devs are a group called ODD Games.  Now, the email and whats going on can be summed up in the following video, which is in itself hilarious.

I just cannot wrap my head around this.  But hey, guess what?

IT GETS BETTER!  TotalBiscuit has gotten ahold of this, because you know, Youtubers who get large tend to stick together and whatnot.  And he made a video about it.  He goes over quite a bit about how Defamation and this sort of threat works and how it does not work.

Now, this is relevant to me because I do reviews for Vox Ludicus, and I have in fact reviewed a few games in a negative manner.  Do I need to worry that the devs are going to out and out threaten me and the site?

Well honestly, they are welcome to try.  I simply will ignore them and / or bring to light what they are doing.

Kinda like whats happening here.

It makes me wonder what these devs thought would happen.  Lets threaten a Youtuber!  That always works!


4 thoughts on “There be Drama in Nerd Cubed’s World

  1. The reply video is comedy gold. My blog doesn’t have to worry about legal action because no one even knows I exist haha.

    I think the developer’s email is a hollow threat. Who cares about a year old game anyway? Maybe they did this to get some badly needed exposure. Then again in the past we have seen companies use copyright as a flimsy excuse to take down negative reviews.

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