Getting into Shadowrun, the Tabletop Game

So my wife, myself, my wife’s cousin Eli, and my friend Dan have all been wanting to play a Tabletop RPG again. We had a game going with 5th Ed, but due to my previous car issues and other things, the other players we were playing with became busy with other games and life.

Now with my car issues situated, my wife was asking if we were going to start again. I told her sure, but I am tired of traditional fantasy.

One game I have always wanted to learn was Shadowrun. Its complex, sure, but its neat and I love the recent PC Games, and the themes and the setting. Thankfully my wife seems ok with it as does my friend and her cousin.

So step one for us is me getting to learn the system, as I would be the GM.

The general consensus on reddit so far has been for me to just grab the Core Rulebook and go from there, but at the same time I have considered getting the Starter Box or the Digital Tool Box.

The Digital Tool Box is actually a digital version of the 2 beginner starter boxes, and comes with a ton of adventures to run and pregen characters. But I am unsure if it comes with any rules to create your own runners, so in the long run it would be kind of stupid.

Last night I ended up getting the Core Rulebook.  It looks pretty damn cool.  Don’t you think?



6 thoughts on “Getting into Shadowrun, the Tabletop Game

  1. I don’t think you can go wrong with the core book. I did pick up the starter box for D&D 5e though and I was really surprised with how much it came with. I like having everything in one place ready to go.

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    1. The 5E starter box is darn good. I just went with the core books there because I am super familiar with DND in general. But Shadowrun apparently has a kinda iffy beginner box.

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      1. Nice–I played 4E but 5E seemed really different (and I haven’t dm’ed it before). So the box was a good buy to help transition me. That stinks that the Shadowrun box is iffy. I haven’t played any in 2 editions though so I’m out of the loop.

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        1. Yea you dont get much in the box apparently for Shadowrun. 5E is what happens in DND when 4th and 3rd have a baby, with a dash of Pathfinder in there, its very very good for a system.

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