Playing & Reading – Week of 7/3/16 to 7/9/16


Hello fellow nerds! Let us all rejoice for this week brought us the glory that is Pokemon Go!

Team Mystic 4 Lyfe. BLUE RULES!

Ahem. Anyway, lets get into this week and my status.


So Pokemon Go is a thing. Been playing that off and on, as much as it can be played of course. I hit level 5 and joined Team Mystic. Mainly because Blue is my favorite color. I don’t see myself being absorbed by this as much as others have been, but its a good fun diversion to have when I am out doing errands. Although I really wish the servers would get stable.

I have also played a dash of Secrets of Crashia…I mean Grindea ;) and recorded video of that. I call it a dash because frankly until it gets released I am done with it I think.

Evolve went Free to Play and I tried it and recorded a video of that, expect to see it in a bit. I also played some Kingdoms of Amalur and recorded a video for that, and I have been playing a TON Of Renown Explorers, International Society. I am doing a full run in 2 parts for that game. Thats pretty much been it.


The Cape High Series. I am on Book 11, Life Lights. Super hero fiction written for YA and its…a guilty pleasure. I hated the “Mimic Arc” mainly because of a character named Noelle. BAH!

Also, technically its reading, but I have started to learn Shadowrun 5th Edition. That book is massive. Seriously.


Do you have a particular kind of food you enjoy for comfort, either when you are feeling down or not well? For me its Ramen Soup. I love the stuff. Sure, its horrible for me (oh god the SALT!) but I love it.


4 thoughts on “Playing & Reading – Week of 7/3/16 to 7/9/16

  1. My colleague from work has a Pokemon GO mania now. He said it’s not even out in Poland and yet people managed to get the app somehow. Personally, I never played any Pokemon game, so I don’t share the mania, but I do like the idea of this type of games.

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