My Brain is a Troll

Long ago (circa 2013ish) I got bored at work, and created a Miniature Wargame.

No, really. I completed it in about 7 hours over the course of the day, in between doing my data entry. Since 2015 its been up on DriveThruRPG for a pay what you want price. Surprisingly people actually download it, and some even pay me for it. Right now I have made roughly $3 dollars in the past year and a half! Oh yea, rolling in the dough.  No one ever says anything about it though.  Its prolly my shit cover art.  Yea thats it.

But interestingly enough, my brain constantly bugs me to take that base line, that miniature wargame concept, and turn it into something more. I have in my head a whole universe and world and ideas about it.  Guilds and people and characters and history.  All the fluff and such.

I say my brain is a troll however, because while I have all these ideas, any time I try to actually DO something with them, my brain goes “Nahhh bruh I aint in the mood…lets go do this instead!” and I never get anything done.

Its honestly maddening.

Maybe I should just sit down and start trying to create something out of it. Just start writing down ideas and things and go from there. Create maybe a backstory to the world and maybe even go so far as to create an entire Tabletop RPG system. Would that be easy? Not remotely. But doable? Yea.

Maybe it would be.

Sure would be easier then learning how to program and do art for a full on video game I can tell you that.


4 thoughts on “My Brain is a Troll

  1. Procrastination is the enemy, and a sneaky one at that. Put some gloves on and pummel it into the ground. You never know what you’ll enjoy doing until you push through and really give it a honest try. Also check out the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield if you want a great read on dealing with procrastination – you know, something to do while procrastinating :D

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  2. I had that same experience a few years ago. I wrote out the whole background and had the framework of the system made up. Then I got busy and never finished it out. I need to get back on that at some point. Opposition looks really neat–I’m gonna go check it out.

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