Making Videos no one Watches

In a fascinating turn of events, I have discovered Youtube Analytics for my video channel. It lets me see all sorts of crap like how many views each video gets, from where, what days, ect.

But one thing I never noticed was a thing called Average Viewing Time. Basically, Youtube tracks how long each person watches a video before leaving. Its really handy as it can kind of tell you how interesting your videos might be.

Apparently mine are shit.

No, really. Check out these stats. These are pulled for my channels LIFETIME. So these are lifetime averages.


And just for reference, here is the last 7 days, specifically 7/11 to 7/18.

this week

What do these tell me? That I am boring beyond belief. lol No one sticks around to watch my 30+ minute videos. Most people leave around the 2 minute mark in most cases. And the trick with averages means that the lower the average the less likely anyone has actually watched more then that.

Comically, this doesn’t really change my attitude towards video making. Some folks have told me the issue is that my videos are too long, but that doesnt really jive. An interesting video would mean that people would stick around right? Or is it simply because of length?

The real issue here is that NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING. No one says a word to me about the content of the videos. Nothing.

So I am just going to keep on doing what I have been doing. At least until someone has the balls to actually watch one of these and give me honest feedback about the content. Which no one will lol

Whats REALLY interesting to me is that most people watch my videos about Warmachine Tactics.  Good thing I am going to be focusing on those for a while.


14 thoughts on “Making Videos no one Watches

  1. Good post! It happens even in short videos. I think that we lost attention easily, or sometimes the video isn’t what you were expecting… But I think those numbers are usual. Sometime it’s hard, you put some effort making a video and you have not only low retention, but also almost zero views. But I continue making them, because I fell good making them.

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  2. Analytics are tricky. They can be very useful, but also highly cryptic, and it’s never easy to know what they mean. Just to give you a bit of perspective though, all my videos are around 1 min long, slightly less, and the average viewer still taps out around the 29 second mark or 50%. They don’t even sit through an entire 1 minute video, let alone 30. Now, my total numbers are so low at this point that it’s not really much to go on, but I honestly think it’s just that viewers watch enough to get the point of the video, and then proceed to move on to something else.

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    1. Thats a good point. I don’t intend to stop making videos, but its always good to get more perspective on this sort of thing.

      Hell I didn’t even know you made videos lol I just read your blog. GIMMIE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL BOYO


  3. I haven’t seen your channel; and I think this might be the first of your blog posts I’ve read (so I’m a random passer by, drawn in by your title (which was great, by the way)). I don’t have a YouTube account, but I do (relatively infrequently) use the site.

    If a video is longer than a couple of minutes, I really do decide if I want to watch the whole thing; and longer videos get judged more harshly by how interestingly they’re put together or by how interesting the content is. That is, if a video is long but the presentation is interesting to me, I’ll sit it out. Lindybeige and Military History Visualized are two channels with longer videos that I will typically watch all the way through. If the presentation’s lacking — I’m typically out earlier.

    I doubt that really helps much; I’m just one random YouTube user. I wouldn’t suggest you’re doing it wrong to continue doing what you’re doing. I don’t envy you. Good luck.

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    1. Hello random person! And yea, thats what I figure. But if no one ever tells me anything, I never know. It could be folks who just get sidetracked, or find out what they need to know early. I literally have no idea lol

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      1. The list of Suggested videos to the right of the actual content is sometimes a tempting target. I often see stuff there that I open in another tab to watch later.

        As I said, I don’t envy you. I’m scratching my head over my own baffling public reaction to content.

        I sincerely meant it: Good Luck.

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