When is a game “Dead”?

This is the logo of a dead game.  Behold its sadness

People love to shout about a game being dead or dying. Recently its been Battleborn getting such cries, over and over again. Why do they think its dead?

Because very few people are playing it.

But here is the thing. A Game is not dead until its no longer playable. Games do not just vanish. Can you play the game? Then guess what, its not freaking dead. Are the official servers still active and maintained? Then its not dead!

It might be unpopular sure, it might have a very low playerbase, but its not dead.

Battleborn in fact is slowly getting an upswing with the current 2k Humble Bundle, as you can get the game at the $15 tier along wtih a ton of other good games.

You wanna know what a dead game looks like? Star Wars Galaxies. Warhammer Online. Planetside 1. Darkspore. These are games that literally cannot be played (officially at least) any longer. They are gone. Vanished.


People think a game I have recently got back into playing, Warmachine Tactics, as being dead. But the devs are STILL making new units for it, and content. People STILL play it, the forums are STILL active, and hell I am planning a few PVP Matches this weekend. Its not dead. It just has a small but dedicated fanbase.  Hell, if you are curious about WMT, might I suggest checking out the Demo the Steam Page offers?  Its a good turn based strategy game, and the Demo even lets you play PVP matches!

When a game is no longer supported and officially playable, then you can call the thing dead.


7 thoughts on “When is a game “Dead”?

  1. I know your article expresses your thoughts on whether a game is dead or not, but consider this case. Most of my Bnet “friends” list are composed of people I played Diablo III with at some point, as it was my first game with the new client. Now, hardly anyone on my list is ever seen playing DIII. I know the game isn’t dead, but it seems dead in my network?

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    1. Thats not quite what I was referring to but I get your point. But what are talking about is very different from literally going around the web screaming a game is dead. You recognize that for your play group the game is no longer active, but that the game itself is still active. I am referring to people going around going THIS GAME IS DEAD!!!111!1.1! despite evidence to the contrary.

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  2. I don’t understand why some people get so much joy out of proclaiming that things are dead just because they aren’t overly popular. Countless times I have read that the Vita is dead and yet I keep on enjoying the new games that keep coming out for it.

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