A Surprising Revelation!

So I was checking out my views for the blog, curious as to how I have been doing. As far as follower count I have seemingly peaked, which I am not surprised by in the slightest. Each of you who follows me for whatever reason you have chosen to do so is a treasure.

But what has amazed me is this revelation: Every day this week I posted a Youtube Video I created, I got crap views. No one paid attention, no one liked it, nothing. But on the two days I posted just general blog / thoughts I had a SPIKE in attention.

This is fascinating to me. This is why I have decided to not post any more of my personal youtube creations here. You all have clearly spoken and the word is “WE DONT WANT VIDS!”

Which is fine.

Its just very fascinating.


7 thoughts on “A Surprising Revelation!

  1. I think it has to do with targeting different audiences. After all, most bloggers enjoy reading and writing. While those who go to Youtube/Vine like to watch videos. Therefore, the people looking at blog posts are less likely to watch videos on a blog likely because it’s not their thing or wherever they catch up on the blogs they follow is an inadequate place to watch/listen to videos. It’s an interesting concept since you would think content is content, but guess not. *shrug*

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  2. That is an interesting observation. I know when I’m at work or in certain areas I can’t watch videos (wont load/blocked) which means I generally have to avoid videos (which makes Reddit more boring as well)

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    1. True, but my traffic is amazingly consistent, and every time I post one of my own videos there is a drop in views. The posts themselves barely get any views on them even after the fact. I suppose its not why people read my blog to begin with so it makes sense lol

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