Tabletop RPGs 101 Part 1: LFG 2 More Need GM (Finding People)

The beginning of my new 5 part series, Tabletop RPG 101! This series will help people (I hope) understand how to get into Tabletop RPGs in a general sense.

Its a lot easier then you might think, especially now a days. And step one, some may say the most important, is finding other people to play. You can get all the books and dice and adventures you want, but if you have no one to share the experience with…then nothing will occur.


Looking for My Youtube Nonsense in an easy to read format?

Then look no further then my official episode listing! I decided to keep a running episode list here on my site (I might as well use it for something) as well as plans for future content.

If you have suggestions for things I should cover and want to see an easy list of all the topics I have already done, feel free to have a look. You can also click on the link at the top of the site.

Hopefully some of you guys come over and support me, but don’t feel pressured :D I only want you to view my stuff if it interests ya, and if not, well its no biggie :D

I will be trying to update this more often, maybe with plans for my Tabletop games, and such.

Ideas and Plans for my Savage Worlds Supers Game

So I play Tabletop RPGs.  AMAZING RIGHT?  Who would have guessed.

Well starting up this coming October, I will be running Savage Worlds with a Supers setting / theme.  I have never done supers, but I thought about it for a bit and think I have come up with some basic ideas and I wanted to jot them down.  This is all background and world building stuff.

Furturistic City on a planet called Casiopea. Humanity has moved into the stars, and as part of this evolution, MetaHumans have occured. Alien races also interact with humanity. Think Mass Effect almost but with Supers instead of Spectres.

Main City is “Eden Groves” on this planet. Very large, almost state size. Very advanced. The planets are now protected by a human police force, and then government sanctioned supers.

Ranks / Area / Points

Bronze: Sector (neighborhood) 0-20
Silver: City 21-50
Gold: Country 51-100
Platinum: Planet 101 – 1000
Diamond: Galaxy / Super Threats 1000+
Concept is that every hero goes through training, and upon graduation is given Bronze Rank. They are then given a bit of money to get settled, create a hideout, and start working. Every crime / case a hero or team works earns both money and “points”. If a team / hero earns enough points they are granted a chance to take the Advancement Test. If they pass, they move to the next rank, getting access to more interesting and dangerous crimes and cases.  If they fail, they lose half their points and have to regain them.

To access these cases a team or hero access the HNN, Heroes News Network. This is a special intranet that provides news, gossip, shopping, and cases/crimes.

The police can also call in Heroes in their region if given leave, based on threat level/rank.

The players are a new Bronze level team who have just graduated as a group, and are making their way back to their home sector “Atrayu Sector”. They need to find a place to establish a base, and slowly work their way up the ranks to eventually be the best heroes possible. They will face a variety of villains and cases, ranging from bank robberies, super gangs, drug rings, murders, and so on. As they grow in strength they will face larger issues, more prominent baddies, and bigger crisis.

I think I am on to something here.  It lets me do short scale events / missions / storylines, while also letting the group basically form their own narrative.

I have no idea what I am doing sometimes

No, really.  I honestly don’t.  I got this blog, but what am I doing with it?  I got my youtube channel and I have a better idea what I am doing there but still sometimes I am confused.

I got twitter and that thing is insane in and of itself lol

I am gonna try to update this more often in general.  Maybe about my tabletop plans or something I have no idea.