I need to call for a do-over for the last 7 Days or so.

The Chronicle of my Week

For the last 4 months my toilet has been repeatedly clogging on its own, with no warning or reason.  Finally convince maintenance to just replace the damn thing.  That is supposedly happening today.  Since snaking the drain is doing nothing and it clogs with nothing but water in it.

Mon – Labour Day.  Just dealing with the toilet from hell.

Tue – Work is hell the day after a holiday.  Yay.  Work stays hellish all week.

Wed – Net at home starts fucking up preventing me from spending time gaming with my wife or even using the net when I get home.  Call Brighthouse (ISP) and they sorta get it working.  After I purchase a brand new router for $45.

Thur – Net stops working the INSTANT I get home.  Worked all day for my wife.  Cant game again, spend over an hour on the phone with ISP trying to get it working.  Decide its my modem and the service upgrade now.  Setup guy to come out Saturday.

Fri – Net works all day…till I get home at 7pm sharp and cuts out.  Get asshole on phone who yells at ME for not believing her when she tells me that “someones WiFi might be too strong and its interfering with your modem”.  My modem is not wifi.

Sat – Spend day fixing up apartment for new recording, don’t spend time gaming with wife out of fear of net issues.  Guy finally fixes it.  But now we get the MYSTERY LEAK in front of the bathroom door, under the floor and into the carpet.  Mind ya, I have a GROUND FLOOR APARTMENT?!

Sun – Leak aint stopped.  Call Maint, they send a guy out who says AC system prolly froze in the walls and it’s the condensation / water draining.  He takes my filter (it needs replacing) and says they will check it on Monday when they come for the toilet to FINALLY replace it.

Mon (Yesterday) – Toilet does not get replaced.  Work is still hell.  Apparently Maint has 3 guys call out so they couldn’t do toilet.  Still clogging.  Leak has not stopped.  Running out of towels to soak up the water, carpet has now spent 48+ hours with water in it.  Get maint to check it out and they think it might be the AC Drain which is clogged hard, they vacuum it out.  Sttd I will have toilet fixed today.

Today – Manage to cause the shower curtain rod to fall down on my wife (cause I hung towels to dry there).  It is not really sized for my bathroom so she has to jury rig it back up.  Then forget to leave her the key to the laundry room so she cant wash the towels, but she doesn’t realize this till AFTER hauling the damn towels (all damp, prolly 10+ lbs or so) to the laundry room.  Gets VERY angry with me, and I feel like shit.  Oh and WORK IS STILL SHITTY AS HELL TODAY.

FML.  Seriously.  I just keep fucking up or shit keeps fucking up around me.  I have no idea why.


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