The Twitter Worldbuilding Experiment

Heya guys. So I am deep into the throes of Dungeons and Dragons stuff, and decided that its time to do something fun. Lots of my twitter folks have been doing similar things, using twitter polls to create new places and worlds for adventure, and I decided to do the same.

Granted, since its me, I am doing things a tad different.

In addition to running the polls, I will also be logging the results and lore of the world AS ITS CREATED on a page here on my blog.

The Page is Here

That page also has links to each poll which will run for 24 hours at a time. Its both to keep a full log of the experiment as well as also provide myself an easy way to find everything.

If you wanna participate, please check out the page and vote! The polls won’t be daily (might be every 2 days) but it should be a bit fun to see how I can craft a world based on twitter polls haha.


Tell me what you Think

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