The Promotion Conundrum

Something that has occurred to me to discuss recently in my Youtubing endeavors is the concept of promotion, advertising, and spamming. For those who have somehow missed my nonsense here, I do in fact have a Youtube channel. No, I am not going to link it in this post. This is to save all of you who follow my blog and are sick of me promoting it hehe.

On top of that, I have a twitter as well. Somehow or another I have however become…popularish on Twitter. I hit 800+ followers recently. That’s pretty damn cool.

The problem I am facing is how to leverage that group of people in order to get the word out of my actual creative endeavors. Further, I have to decide how much is “too much” when it comes to self promotion.

Currently, I barely promote. I mention my youtube channel roughly once every few days, usually at specific times. I use a site called Twuffer to preload those tweets, along with loading comments and advertisements for youtube channels and things I find interesting that are in fact not mine.

I spend more time promoting other peoples work then my own.

Now I do have a twitter AutoDM, and while for the first week or two of having it I used it to promote my channel I have since stopped. I felt…dirty honestly. Now its used to try to talk to people and get to know them.

Weirdly, despite my lack of self promotion I seem to slowly grow no matter what. I have had my current channel active for roughly 2 months now and as of today I hit 109 subscribers, thats roughly 50 subs a month, roughly 1 and change a day average. Its bizarre.

I see people who advertise constantly, through DM on twitter, through twitter posts, facebook, reddit, and get nowhere. And lets not even get into the nonsense of Sub4Sub / Follow4Follow.

Promote too much, people hate you and you come off as a robot. Promote too little, you never grow.

There seems to be no good real way to do this. Could I grow faster somehow? SHOULD I? What is a good medium? Do I need a facebook fan page? Should I bother? Its driving me nuts. I want to share the things I make with the world but at the same time I don’t want to be an annoyance to others, and thus am left trying to puzzle out the perfect medium and method. I mean I have gone so far as to try to avoid posting here on my own blog so as to not annoy people. And I have friends who tell me that I need a facebook fan page, while others tell me to not bother. No one can ever agree on anything.

Sometimes I wish things were easier but life ain’t easy, is it? What do you guys think?


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