POSSIBLE Change to TNT Format

After really thinking about it, I have come up with a Pros and Cons list of my TNT Wrestling Stream Promotion, and I am looking for some thoughts from my possible viewers / friends.

Right now, I have 2 formats. One is 1 Week of Game time per stream, and the other is 2 weeks of game time per stream. Universe Mode is played out in shows, and each week my Universe will have 2 shows. One, the Major show, is TNT, or Terminally Nerdy Thursdays. The other is a minor show (Think house show or just more focused show) called Main Event.

Here is how I see the pros and cons of both:

1 Major + 1 Minor Show a Stream (1 Week of Universe)
PRO – Expanded Minor Show to 5 Matches vs 3 (12 matches per week total + promos)
PRO – Can create the Major Show card before the stream, making it more exciting as no one will see the matches BEFORE hand.
PRO – Can have additional promos from people if needed
CON – Shorter Stream (possibly) as it would be 12 matches + Promos. Can fix this by doing fun Exhibition matches
CON – May need more Promos so more work for you guys.

2 Major + 2 Minor Shows a Stream (2 weeks of Universe)

PRO – More matches / action (total matches 20 + promos)
PRO – Storylines / Rivalries in game advance faster
CON – Longer Streams, may not be doable
CON – Will have to create the second major show card live, takes longer.

Pay Per Views will have to be on a stream of their own, even if its shorter, mainly because they are special and I want them to feel that way.

I am kinda leaning towards 1 week per stream vs 2 weeks per stream. But I wanted to ask you all for some thoughts here :)


Tell me what you Think

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