The Patreon Poll

Ok so I got a video coming up on Thursday, 3/30/17 talking about this, but I figured I would go ahead and post this, and ask for some opinions. I had a poll on twitter but I realized I cannot really explain my “plan” if I was to go ahead and do this.

In short, this is a poll about me opening a Patreon for my youtube channel, Terminally Nerdy. You can find the channel right here if you had no idea where it was.

Lots of folks have Patreons. Its the new “hotness” as it were. I have been waffling off and on for a while about if I should open one, if people would support it, hell what I could offer as perks / reward tiers.

Here is what I have come up with, if I were to do it:

There would be a single tier of $1, and it would be Per Episode instead of monthly. I release an episode every 2 weeks, meaning a Patreon could, at most, be charged $3 a month (March for example had 3 episodes release).

My only primary goal would be $20 an episode.

What would a person get for that $1? They would have access to a Terminally Nerdy discord channel. They would have the ability to vote on future episode topics and help me decide my release schedule. They would help determine what gets reviewed, and in what order (to an extent). Also, if I hit my goal of $20 an episode, then every month I would take some of that money and use it to purchase a set of dice or maybe a tabletop RPG book of some sort, and have a giveaway that only Patreons would be eligible for. Maybe do a Q&A video every month or something I dunno.

The money itself would be used to do things such as upgrade my PC (so I can keep up with the latest RPGs for review), pay my Net Bill (upload speeeeeds!), and buy products for review purposes such as new books, dice, terrain, ect.

Thats really all I got.  Thats all I really have TIME for to be honest.  I have had a few suggestions such as higher tiers but I dont have anything to really offer for them.

So the big question is: should I do this?

Please, go vote here in this strawpoll and let me know: THE POLL IS HERE!


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