An Experiment Begins

So yesterday, I released a new video on my youtube. No I will not be linking it.

Thats the experiment ya see! I want to see what happens with my views without promoting my video at all. Not here, not on twitter, not on Facebook ect. Zero promotion. Just my subscribers and youtube search results driving traffic.

Now, generally you should expect 10% of your subs to view your video within its first week of going live. For me, right now, thats 31 views. At the time of this blog post, I am at 28 views total after 17 hours (roughly). No idea how many are subs vs non subs though. Won’t know that till Sunday.

This so far is showing me what I kinda expected: My twitter followers and whatnot dont really care about my videos. And that doesn’t bother me. I got nearly 1.7k followers now on twitter (And how that happened I got NO FUCKING CLUE) and if we assume 30% are bots / promotion machines, that leaves 1190 roughly that are humans. Thats kinda nuts.

I have a feeling folks follow me on twitter because of my Tabletop RPG ramblings.

So until further notice, I am not going to be promoting my videos. Or my channel. Or my Patreon. Or anything really. Each entity (blog, twitter, facebook, ect) will be its own litte bubble.

Lets see what happens!


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