My weekend was…eventful

My weekend was…eventful

Its been a while since I made a general blog post on here. Most of the time has been updates on my life, and today is more of the same but more focused on my overall weekend.

So late last week I revamped all my Patreon rewards at the suggestion of a friend of mine. I recorded a 4th video for May, and an update video for the people who follow me only on Youtube detailing the issues with my hands, as well as future plans for my youtube channel. Said vid is right here if you wanna see:

On Saturday, I watched Dr Strange finally. That movie was a wild visual acid trip, and with my own hand issues I felt for the good Doctor. I also started researching 1+ player Boardgames, as I still want to game with my wife and by myself at times. While Gamebooks such as the Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf series, or even the Choice of Games series are an option (and an option I am pursuing) sometimes I want to play something a bit more meaty.

I am amazed that there are a few such things out there! Got myself an Amazon wishlist now with a bunch I found that I like as well, so I can start using my Patreon money on those.

On Sunday, I started the work on coverting the Pathfinder stats of creature in the Iron Gods AP to 5E, using a handy utility I found online that makes converting the raw statblocks super easy. Just copy paste. Got a beastiary up and running for myself. Course this does not help me rebalance the encounters but that is going to have a lot to do with how they feel as they go. I will have to do this on the fly I think.

I also watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them finally as well, and honestly I really enjoyed it, even if I feel Jacob got the fucking shaft at the end. Damn American wizards.

Also on Sunday I got my first $5 patron. With my new rewards, I am helping him develop an NPC for him to use in his upcoming Pathfinder / Open Legend game that he is doing. Which is awesome in and of itself. I am not going to spoil anything since his players also read my twitter and interact with me. It must be secret. It must be safe.

This puts my average earnings per youtube video at roughly $11.25. This is based on folks monthly limits and such, which is amazing. That means 4 videos in a month earns me $45. May not seem like much but its exciting! It proves to me, at least in some small way, that people want to see me keep going.

I already have June’s videos laid out in fact. Four more videos coming (Even if there are 5 Thursdays, I am skipping a week), which are as follows:

  • 1st – Skip this Thursday
  • 8th – Review of Nerzghuls GM Toolkit (5th Ed Supplement)
  • 15th – Dungeon Tale: The Chicken and the Rope
  • 22nd – World Building Journal: Aethrin’s Inspiration / World Building Style
  • 29th – Gamebook Review of Slammed! By Choice of Games

I aim to work on those this coming Saturday. I already have the ENTIRETY of May done and uploaded for my Patrons so that’s awesome.

So far, things are actually looking up, despite the fact that I can no longer play video games. I suppose I need to take my successes when I can huh.


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