An Update on Life 5/18/17

So first off, I have compression gloves which do in fact help quite a bit with my hand pain. Its enough that I have been able to do some very light gaming with my wife via World of Warcraft.

When I say light I am talking one handed, mouse driven, her using a mount to cart us both around (The Chopper to be exact), and me barely doing much of anything cept casting shields and occasionally casting Penance (Disc Priest atm). So literally barely using my hands. And I still have to stop after an hour or two max.

So suffice to say I feel confident that in a few months I may be able to game a bit more here and there. Which is nice.

However, I feel that I am done with video game based stuff on my youtube. I really would prefer to do tabletop gaming stuff, rpgs and board games and choose your own adventure books and all that stuff. It appears to be what most of my fans want. That is not to say I wont review say upcoming PC RPGs in the future, but that will be WAY down the line once I am sure my hands have recovered enough to make sure activities worthwhile.

In other news: I am up to weekly videos again. I have all of Junes recorded, which is awesome. I am up to 8 total Patrons on my Patreon page, with an average of $11 a video. Thats awesome as well. I am also supporting a couple of Patreons of my own, which is nice to be able to do.

I just released a Plot Hook video today (At the time of this posting) which I will link at the bottom. Its my first time trying a video like this and I have a literal slew of the damn topics to explore. I got a good suggestion to try “Mind Mapping” and putting the image in any videos in the future. I might have to try that. I am also up to 350 subscribers on youtube which is…bizarre. I have slowed in growth quite a bit but I also havent pushed my videos at ALL.

Twitter has been still growing. Thanks to a friend, I was given a table sponsorship for my birthday at AcadeCon 2017. This means that my logo will appear on their site (its already there at as well as on a table at the convention, like a little billboard. That was cool of him. Best gift I got next to not working all weekend lol

Finally, I am going to be streaming again, starting 5/27/16 at 6pm EST. I will be streaming actual play Dungeons and Dragons. I am running a game for several people I know (Virus, Shelbut, Brax, Saevrick, and my wife) through the Iron Gods adventure path. I have converted that for 5E. It will be once every 2 weeks, for 4 hours a night. Also, TNT might be coming back but in a very different form.

If you were unaware, there is an actual WRESTLING Tabletop RPG, called simple “The World Wide Wrestling RPG” and I happen to own it. I am considering running monthly games of that as well via Stream, where instead of following a bunch of digital wrestlers, instead the game would follow the lives of 4-6 people playing as their wrestlers, with both in ring and backstage drama. Havent made a decision here yet.

So thats my life, as it goes. I am taking everything one day at a time (because thats how linear time works dontcha know) and trying to keep my brain working.

Gotta keep my nose to the grind as they say!

Oh, and here is that video I was talking about.


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