Want me to review your work?

Hello there Game Creator / Designer / Developer, my name is Clay and I am the host and owner of Terminally Nerdy. I assume you found this page because you were looking for someone to review your game or tabletop supplement. Perhaps you saw this link on Twitter or found it through random searching.

Regardless of how you got here, welcome! I have a couple of rules / requirements that you need to understand before I will review or consider your work.

Tabletop RPG Supplements:

So I will consider any supplement that is NOT a core rulebook. Simply put, I have no time to really dig deep into a ruleset, and in my opinion the only way to truly understand a new system is to play it.

However, I will consider looking at and reviewing the following:

  • Class Books
  • Adventures or Dungeons
  • Supplements that add weapons/armor/monsters/ect
  • Campaign Settings (a personal favorite)
  • Other Products (minis, maps, terrain, dice, dice boxes, ect)

Now, to make things more specific, I am only willing to review thing for systems I am familiar with, as that is only fair to the creator. Here are the systems I am willing to work with:

  • System Neutral (designed to work with anything)
  • Open Legend
  • Savage Worlds
  • Dungeons and Dragons (2nd Ed, 3rd Ed, 4th Ed, 5th Ed)
  • OSR
  • Pathfinder
  • D20 based

What I will do is then read your work, and then produce a video review on my channel, Terminally Nerdy. I tend to prefer physical products to review as well (Easier to show off), but I understand that indie creators may not be willing to do such a thing.

If you wish for me to look at your product please submit a query email to “cbsa82” AT “gmail” DOTCOM. Include any relevant information that might catch my fancy and I will contact you within 48 business hours. You can also DM me on twitter as well, @cbsa82.

Video Games:

Unfortunately due to issues with my hands and fingers I no longer can review video games.



As a note there are a few things I will not, under any circumstances, consider for review.

  • Podcasts: I do not have time to listen to podcasts.  I am always working on something or spending time with my wife.
  • Actual Play Streams / Shows: See podcasts.  Same thing.  I do not have time to watch and listen to these.
  • Comics: Sorry but I have found I am not really a fan of the story form in comics.  I like my stories self contained, or at least have resolution, and single comic issues do not have this.

So there you have it. Thanks for reading and remember, STAY NERDY!