Current WCPW Roster as of 6/6/16

So currently WCPW has announced, roster wise:



Holy Crap: Wonder Boy and the Dragons Trap is getting a Remake

This was my favorite game on my Sega Master System. I still remember the music, the transformations, the various levels and shit. Unlike most kids who had a NES, I had 2 (yes both variations) of the Sega Master System.

This game, Astro Warrior, Zillion, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World and Miracle World and the Last Stars, Fantasy Zone, Shinobi….Safari Hunt. Outrun! HANG ON!

God this makes me want to buy a Sega Master System. Hopefully this game does not suck and comes to PC.

The official site can be found HERE.  I need to have my bros at Vox Ludicus get this on our radar if its going to be a PC release because I WANT TO REVIEW THIS.

What Culture Pro Wrestling: Yes, its Real

First the original announcement video:

And now, here is the Top 10 Things you Need to know.

The biggest being that for us people outside Newcastle UK, we can watch it, weekly, online on Youtube! It sounds hilariously awesome and I personally welcome more Wrestling options. Especially something new that I can get into on the ground floor.

The What Culture guys have been amusing me for a while, and this just seems awesome.

Anyone else interested?  As a wrestling fan this makes me happy.

Who has 2 Thumbs and his Library Card back?


I contacted my library recently, to see if the fines that I had mentioned back in an older post could be reduced.

And they were, by a LARGE margin. So tonight, I went and paid em and got my card back.

Part of it, of course, is to get books. Tasty EBOOKS! Cause my County Library actually does have a method to borrow Ebooks, with automatic returning of said books.

But one of the cooler features, which I learned about today, is a place in the Downtown/Main Library called The Dorothy Lumely Melrose Center, aka the Melrose center.

Whats cool about this you might ask? WELL! Its a giant 26000 square foot tech center. It has, available for FREE to Library Card holders (ie ME!) the following:

  • Record music or vocals in a professional-grade audio studio. Record podcasts and voice overs in individual sound booths. Access audio editing software in one of the editing bays or editing workstations.
  • Our contemporary studio is the ideal place to produce a video with professional chromakey backgrounds. Access one of the editing bays or editing workstations to edit your short film.
  • Select from a variety of backdrops for still photography or use the lightbox for product shoots. Use photo editing software to get that picture perfect finish.
  • Explore, innovate and create in hands-on classes such as 3D printing, electronics, basic engineering, computer programming, robotics and so much more. (yes, thats a freaking FABRICATION LAB)
  • Explore the worlds of flight, construction and driver education by attending one of our classes. Access these interactive simulators for an out-of-this-world experience.

Its madness.  You have to attend a “general orientation” class first in order to access the full suite of classes (free classes I MIGHT ADD) and the actual area, but I have this Thursday off.  I mean, just LOOK AT THE EVENT CALENDER!  Programming classes, sewing, just all sorts of shit.

There is an orientation class at 6pm on Thursday.

I know what I am doing that evening.  Oh yea.  This is gonna be awesome.

Things sure as hell have changed since the last time I went to a library…17 years ago.

A Book Quote that has always stuck with me.

This is something I will always remember. Which, given my swiss cheese memory is impressive to say the least.

When I was a kid, I ran across a book called “Over Sea, Under Stone” by Susan Cooper. It was a decent mystery adventure, and while I enjoyed it, it was not earth shattering at the time. But then I read the second book in that series….The Dark is Rising.

I will one day sit down and reread and review all five in the sequence. But for now, I wanted to leave you with part of the poem that has somehow stuck in my memory all these years. Thanks Susan Cooper.

When the Dark comes rising six shall turn it back;
Three from the circle, three from the track;
Wood, bronze, iron; Water, fire, stone;
Five will return and one go alone.

Still gives me shivers when I think about it.