The Best Arena Deck I have ever made, thanks to HearthArena!

Removal, and 2 Solid Legendaries.  Oh yea, its stupid

Whats funny is I was trying out HearthArena cause Kripp has been using it, and I suck at draft choices.

Then the game goes and says HEY HERE IS SOME DUMB LUCK FOR YA BOYO! Have some removal, and some legendaries.

My second opponent was really nice after the match. I felt bad cause I used a Cabalist Tome early on…which gave me 2 Blizzards and another Tome. He thought my deck just had 2 blizzards and 2 flame strikes.

I haven’t gone past 3-1 yet as I haven’t had a chance to really play much. This deck is just silly though so far.  Thanks to the videos by Kripp and Trump though I think I am getting a handle on how to play better.  Sure, the game gave me the deck, but I still gotta use it right.

I lost one game just because I faced another mage and couldnt seem to gain a good foothold. Still doing stupid well though.


The SteelSeries Ultimate Setup Giveaway

This is really cool.  SteelSeries is hosting a badass giveaway where you choose a Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, and Headset from them for a chance to win either your “Ultimate Setup” OR win other prizes.

You can sign up here by clicking this link.

The Giveaway ends July 15th.  They are giving prizes out daily.  Check out this list of prizes!  Its crazy.

1 Grand Prize: Your Ultimate Setup + Tour of Valve HQ and VR Experience.
1 Second Place: Your Ultimate Setup + GE62 Apache Pro Gaming Laptop
25 Third Place: Your Ultimate Setup

They are also giving away:

100 x Siberia 200 Gaming Headsets
25 x Nimbus Controllers for Apple TV
25 x Stratus XL Controllers for Android and Windows
75 x $50 Gift Cards
15 x $20 Steam Gift Cards
15 x $25 Riot (RP) Gift Cards
15 x $20 Blizzard Gift Cards
2x Overwatch: Collector’s Edition for PC
5x Guild Wars 2 Charr Plush
75x Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns for PC
4x Dragon Age Inquisition: Collector’s + Inquisitor’s Ed.
4x Dota 2 Series 2 DemiHeroes
10x Dota 2 Series 2 Microplush Blindboxes
15x NECA Heroes of the Storm Figurines

Battleborn is On Sale on Steam

Seriously.  I am hoping that a Steam Refund I just processed gets done early enough that I can get the Deluxe Edition (I doubt it will, but I hope).  I prefer its style over Overwatch.  If I dont make it however, I can at least get the base game.

If you are interested, the sale is ending at roughly 12pm Sunday EST.  Here is the Steam Page.

For those who want to know the difference between Overwatch and Battleborn, well here is TotalBiscuit going on about it!

This Weeks Tavern Brawl: Top 2

The Reddit Post for Interesting Combo Ideas!

“The Innkeeper is wondering which two cards work best together. Show him – choose 2 cards and we’ll fill your deck with them!”

This sounds hilarious.  I am gonna try something like Ambush + Coldlight Oracle for Rogue, or Shield Block and Shield Slam for Warrior (just armor and smash everything) stuff like that.  Weirdo nonsense.  This might be the most fun I will have in Hearthstone in a WHILE.

Or maybe Force of Nature and Savage Roar.  SO SAVAGE.

Learning from @TrumpSC

So I found out there is this video series called “Trumps Teachings” which was created by popular streamer/youtube guy Trump, all about Hearthstone going into concepts and teachings for Hearthstone.

And I am learning quite a bit by watching it.

There is a whole playlist that goes over 9 basic concepts, which is awesome!  Then there is another playlist that I have not started, which goes over deck concepts like zoo and the like.

If you are struggling to learn Hearthstone and coming from another TCG / CCG check these videos out.