Servant of Yogg Saron Tryouts Tavern Brawl

It goes about as well as you can expect haha

For those curious I play a Druid first, and then a Priest.


This Weeks Tavern Brawl: Top 2

The Reddit Post for Interesting Combo Ideas!

“The Innkeeper is wondering which two cards work best together. Show him – choose 2 cards and we’ll fill your deck with them!”

This sounds hilarious.  I am gonna try something like Ambush + Coldlight Oracle for Rogue, or Shield Block and Shield Slam for Warrior (just armor and smash everything) stuff like that.  Weirdo nonsense.  This might be the most fun I will have in Hearthstone in a WHILE.

Or maybe Force of Nature and Savage Roar.  SO SAVAGE.

Learning from @TrumpSC

So I found out there is this video series called “Trumps Teachings” which was created by popular streamer/youtube guy Trump, all about Hearthstone going into concepts and teachings for Hearthstone.

And I am learning quite a bit by watching it.

There is a whole playlist that goes over 9 basic concepts, which is awesome!  Then there is another playlist that I have not started, which goes over deck concepts like zoo and the like.

If you are struggling to learn Hearthstone and coming from another TCG / CCG check these videos out.

Hearthstone Nonsense – This Mornings Quest Run

MrglSo I woke up this morning, and while eating decided to see what my HS Daily Quest would be. Turns out I got the Win 5 times as a Priest or Paladin quest.

Well, I know I aint gonna play Priest (I am horrid with it) so I decided to toss together a murloc / steward of darkshire paladin deck similar to Kripparians recent monster, only not as good cause I dont have all those cards.

I will most likely edit this post later with a pic of the decklist, maybe when I get home, so if you see a decklist to the left, well, there ya go :P

I am gonna go over the 6 matches I did when I played in Casual Standard. Oh and I went first EVERY GAME. Christ.


This dude was pretty much playing Kripps deck. He had the murloc that makes the pally make murlocs, the steward, ect. Whats odd is that me and him kept trading, and I couldnt play my Murloc Warleader cause it would just make his worse…and then he conceded? I was at 18, he was at about 17…and he just conceds after I consecrate and wipe his board.

WIN 1/5

Match 2: vs DRUID!

No idea what kind of druid. He instantly conceded upon seeing a paladin.

WIN 2/5

Match 3: vs CTHUN DRUID! (I think?)

This went on for a WHILE. I had the upper hand..and then he swiped, and then played big beefy taunts, and I just couldn’t keep up. He killed me with a Swipe.  Only reason I think C’Thun is the cultists buffing a C’Thun.



Consecrate for the win. I did not think he expected it given what I was doing, but it wiped him, and then I played my one Warleader with about 3 Murlocs on the board and he conceded.

WIN 3/5


This was the second match that went the whole way. I won. The shaman was playing something very similar it seemed to my shaman deck that I mentioned previously. The biggest thing was an early (I mean turn 3) Lightning Storm, but I just kept putting dudes out.

WIN 4/5


I played a Murloc turn 2. He concedes. WTF.

Lots of conceding in Casual. No idea why. But hey I completed my 5 wins in less then 30 minutes before work so I am fine with that! :D

Improving my Shaman Deck

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-03-16 13.34.11 So this here is my current shaman deck. Its been working well enough, but I feel there are things I could easily tweak about it.

For example: The overuse of Murlocs. Right now, I am using them because they are effective and cheap critters. But I am sure I could use other things. The Troggs maybe? How bout those 3 mana toads that are 3/2 with Deathrattle? Stuff like that.

Its got me to Rank 17 so far, which granted is not super high, but given that my best rank has been Rank 15 ever, its doing pretty damn well.

I am proud of it, in the sense that I came up with this without any help. That makes me happy.

Just gotta think of options…

Oh and those Lightning Storms?  They REK Zoo.  Its why they are there haha.