Total War: Warhammer – Call of the Beastmen Announcement Trailer

Coming out on 7/29/16.  Preorder on Steam on 7/14/16

This is legit exciting.  I love the Beastmen.  And now, now, I can play them in TWW?  I can rampage around and Bray to the Gods and cause as much trouble as possible for no other reason then CHAOS?

YES.  Plus, sweet axes.  You gotta love Sweet Axes.

Total War Warhammer: Blood for the Blood God DLC Released Today, as well as Patch 1



If you were missing the violence, blood, and gore from Total War Warhammer, well have I got a treat for you! Today Creative Assembly released the Blood and Gore DLC, aptly titled “Blood for the Blood God“, on Steam today for $2.99

If you play Total War Warhammer, you should consider getting this as it will really add to the gritty and violent feel of the Old World.

Also, today was the day that Creative Assembly released Update Patch 1, which had some huge sweeping changes, and even added the Blood Knight unit to the Vampire Counts! This has made me consider reinstalling the game early (I am waiting for the DLC to release fully) cause I really want to play some Vamp Counts…

You can read the full patch notes here on the Offical Wiki.

Here is the Blood for the Blood God Trailer as well:

Total War: Warhammer Review Embargo Lifted! Here are some Reviews

This is just going to be a list collecting reviews from around the net as I find them. I am going to try to keep this updated as best I can, with both scores / recommendations and such. These are also going to be just English sites. It’s what I can read.

These all come from a handy Reddit MegaPost as well so you can visit there for even more goodies!


Gamespot: 9 / 10
Eurogamer: Recommended
IGN: 8.6 / 10
PCGamer: 86 / 100
The Guardian: 4 / 5
Games Reactor: 9 / 10
Destructoid: 8 / 10
Game Informer: 8.75 / 10
Daily Star: 5 / 5
Games Radar: Mostly Positive
The Sixth Axis: 8 / 10
Game Revolution: 3.5 / 5
Metro: 9 / 10
CGMOnline: 9 / 10
Game Watcher: 8.5 / 10
RockPaperShotgun – Average