Fun on a Sunday

So when we last left our intrepid hero he was cursing up a storm about painting! To his surprise, a man named Tim appeared and offered to play against him. Our hero accepted this challenge, and today the DICE WERE ROLLED.

Tim was one of the people who commented on my very profane rant post from last week, and me and him after that began chatting via email. We agreed to meet for a game today, and we also convinced our friends Dan (for me) and Troy (for him) to show up and play. Let me tell you, me and Dan both had a blast and DID NOT PLAY A SINGLE GAME AGAINST ONE ANOTHER WHOOO! Dan actually played 3 games vs my 2. 2 against Troy, one against Tim.

I wanted to talk briefly about the game vs Troy first. It actually was my second game, and was a Battlebox Cryx vs Trolls game. What I did not know was Mangled Metal (Which is what a battlebox game is) has the win condition of kill the caster OR all their warjacks/warbeasts. Troy managed to kill all my jacks, and won. He was great fun to play against, knew the rules well and was very patient.

The game with Tim however was EPIC. We played a 25 point game, and I brought my pGaspy list. Mainly because Tim had never faced Gaspy.

For the record that list is:
– 2x Deathripper
– Slayer
Max Bloodgorgers
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Warwitch Siren
2 points left over

I don’t have a model to fill that last 2 points. Gorman eventually, maybe?

He brought the following:

– Charger
– Sentinal
– Centurion
Max Gunmages
– Gunmage UA
Gunmage Captain Adept (The gunmage solo)
Black 13th

The game was a knockdown dragout slugfest of awesome. And here is where it got HILARIOUS. Eventually the game came down to me with pGaspy only, vs Tims remaining forces of All 3 Jacks, 2 Gunmages, Stryker, and the Gunmage Solo.

I told him that I REFUSED to just give up! Cause I knew, deep down, that Toruk would lend me strength and allow me to win! So on my fourth to last turn I teleported pGaspy behind a house, forcing him to move up. Next turn I walked out, got Parasite on the Centurion who had only taken 3 damage from a Corrosion effect. Then I teleported to the other side of some rough terrain. On his turn he moved everything up again, and took a few shots and did a bit of damage (I was camping 2). Next turn I put all my chips in and I CHARGE THE CENTURION! I had used my feat a while back so it was 6 focus vs an Arm 18…and within 2 hits I got his shield down. 4 focus left. Within the next 2 hits I got him to literally 1 box left…on his spear arm >.>

It was DO OR DIE! Teleport away, or weather the storm. TORUK PROTECT ME I took the last hit (thank god for sustained attack). Hit, killed the Centurion.

On his turn he dumped EVERY Shot into me. And…only took me down to half. He left pStryker within charge distance of Gaspy. 7 focus on my turn, Charge, boost, hit, and begin the sustained attack. 3 focus later and I won.

Sweet mother of god I should not have won. Next week the league starts and I will be going in on Sunday’s to participate. Mostly against Troy and Tim to start. Its a slow grow and I am gonna use my Cryx. Lets see what happens next week!


WNW: This ones for you Kenny!

Last night was Kenny (our Cygnar Player) last night at the store. He is moving out of state, so last night we had a GRUDGE MATCH! I will get into that in a minute, but first I wanted to welcome 2 new players, with Pictures no less! Yea I finally remembered to take my camera.

Richard vs New Guy!

First up we have a gent who plays Skorne, and I completely blanked out on his name. Sorry dude. When I got to the store he was playing against Richard.  Richard is the older gent.

The other new player I believe is Carson (Could be wrong here) and he was playing against our new Trollblood player Russell. Now I will point out that apparently both these “new” players are new to our store only, they have been playing since Mk1. Russell in the Ginger by the way, just FYI.

Russ vs Carson! The Battle is Met!

Now on to me vs Kenny! It was a 25 point match, and we both tried to mix things up a bit. Kenny ran a pStryker list:

– Ironclad
– Lancer
– Squire
Min Stormlancers
Black 13th

I ran a test of my possible pButcher tourney list, which involves me Jack Marshalling!

– Juggernaut
– Wardog
Min Kayazy
– Underboss
Koldun Lord
– Destroyer

Kenny awaits his fate!

There be our deployment. Well his really, you cannot see mine very well. Just keep in mind Butcher is behind the Kayazy.

We roll and I won, making him setup and go first. He deploys as you see, and then I deploy as you can see.

First turn has him running things up, clogging up the openings I have. I move things up, running the Kayazy, casting Iron Flesh on them with pButcher, running the Juggernaut up, and then activating the Widowmakers. I am able to draw a bead, barely, on the B13 member who can negate Stealth, but I cannot kill him (I miss with 3 shots, and only do 3 damage with the 1 shot I connect with at DICE -1!) The Lord and his Jack Buddy just move up and take a pot shot at Laddamore, missing and hitting the Lancer on my deviation. I don’t even scratch the things paint. He also had cast Arcane Shield on the Lancers, Blur on Laddamore, and Snipe on the B13.

End of Turn 1

On turn 2 he upkeeps his spells, and charges his Stormlancers and Laddamore into the Kayazy using Assault. Now I am not sure if the shots during the assault move happen after you move or before (Stealth would be a factor if they happen before!) but we let him shoot. His missed all his shots, and impact hits, but with Laddamore and one of the Lancers he actually HITS with the blasted regular attack! He thus kills 4 total Kayazy thanks to the damn autohitting POW 12s. His Black 13th kill 3 of the Widowmakers with the Mage Storm attack, and everything else just advances. This is where Kenny made a mistake. He forgot to allocate focus! He also feats on this turn, giving most of his army +5 ARM save for the 2 lead Stormlancers.

On my turn I drop Iron Flesh from the Kayazy, and give my Juggernaut 3 Focus, leaving Butcher with 3. I pass all my CMD Checks, have my Widowmaker shoot and miss, my Koldun Lord gives the Destroyer a focus, and it shoots and misses and deviates into nothing. My Kayazy activate, mini feat, and begin the shenanigans. One charges into the back of one of the NON Feat covered Stormlancers, the other stays in B2B with that same Stormlancer for the Gang Bonus, and my Underboss charges into the one that was freed up when the 1st guy left to tie it up. Thanks to the charge and Gang, I am able to one shot the Stormlance even at Dice -8 (I rolled HILARIOUSLY High). Now I have a shot to get Juggernaut into B2B with Laddamore, so I trample over my own Kayazy, missing it and NOT Taking my freeshot, and then trying to murder Laddamore. I miss a few times and do a grand total of….3 damage. Yea, 3 focus Warjack does 3 damage to her thanks to that bloody feat and the fact that I kept MISSING.

Butcher then charges the OTHER standing nonfeat protected Stormlancer and kills it in one blow, and then Iron Fleshes himself for protection.

Turn 3 has Kenny on the Ropes. He kills my last Widowmaker with the Black 13th, tries to kill my Koldun Lord and fails with them, and then forgets to give focus AGAIN. He arcs an Earthquake through a repositioned Lancer and missed Butcher, but deviates and hits the Ironclad. Laddamore then scratches the Ironclad’s paint.

On my turn I give the Juggernaut 3 full focus, and upkeep Ironflesh. I shake him off to stand him. I then have my Underboss charge Laddamore, killin her off her horse. I move my Koldun Lord and spray, missing Laddamore but hitting and killing the Stealth Removing guy of the B13 and the Lancer. I then have my Wardog charge Laddamore and kill her, and have Butcher just walk up and kill the Stormlancer although I have to buy a second hit. My Ironclad tramples and ties up his jacks, and barely hurts the damn Ironclad. My Destroyer uses its free fake focus to charge Magestorm lady and ties her up.

End of Turn 3

Turn 4 is where it falls apart for Kenny. He gives the Lancer 3 focus and the Ironclad 3 focus. The Ironclad knocks my Juggernaut down with its tremor attack, and thus frees up the Lancer. The Ironclad then tries its best to crush my Juggernaut but doesnt do enough to take out any systems. The Black13th member who gives Prowl kills my dog (POOCHY NO!!!!) and Ryan tries to hurt my Destroyer and barely does anything. The Lancer then charges Butcher. And does 3 damage to him.

On my turn I give 3 focus to the Juggernaut and upkeep Iron Flesh, and then start having fun. I spray down hitting Stryker but missing with the Lord. My Destroyer uses its free fake focus to get an extra attack, misses on the first swing and hits on the second crushing Ryan. Then Butcher activates, feats, and completely totals the Lancer in 2 hits. Juggernaut activates, stands by dropping its movement, and destroyers the Ironclad. This leaves poor Kenny with Stryker, a spent Squire (he had pulled the focus each turn starting on turn 2) and 1 member of the B13.

The final turn, turn 5. The B13 member left kills my Lord, deactivating my Destroyer. Stryker comes in with full focus and cripples my Axe and Cortex on my Juggernaut, but does not do enough to kill it after burning ALL his focus. My turn, I drop Iron Flesh from Butcher and keep all 6 Focus. My Juggernaut moves out of the way and tries to hit Stryker but fails. I then charge with the Butcher, having JUST enough distance to get Stryker at the edge of my reach due to the wreck. My first swing does 14 damage, leaving Stryker with 2 healther. Second swing I boost the hit and damage, and crush him.

Its the FINAL TURN!!!

This game was an absolute drag out knockdown fight. It was brutal, fun, but very draining. Afterwards, I got into a 15 point game against Richard, and he endep conceeding when he realized he had killed nothing on my side but a Manhunter and I had destroyed 2 of his 3 beasts with little effort. I did get a funny picture though during that match where it appears that my Kovnick (I was testing him as a Jack Marshal in this one) is having a discussion his pet Destroyer.

"I think we should go out for a nice drink after this, what do you think"

Overall it was a great night and I hope to see the two “new” guys in more often. One of them MAY end up working at the store so that would be awesome.

And Kenny?  You will be missed man! 

WNW: Newbies Ho!

I think its finally working! We actually had 2 new people show up to Wednesday Night Warmachine at Phoenix Games last night, and I played against both!

First we had JR, a friend of mine who I knew back in High School! He has been playing our Monday Night DND Encounters (we run it Monday nights to keep from conflicting with Wednesday Night Drafts). He has been an avid 40k player and LOVeS to do Conversions and MOdifications. Our TO and most of our player’s don’t care about conversions as long as we know what it is, so he already messing with his battlebox. For example, Stryker is now impaling a Space Marine with his sword while he blows his brains out. He even has the exit wound modeled. Kinda creepy.

Anyway, it was the Khador Battlebox vs the Cygnar Box for my first game. It was hilarious. JR was of course learning and I was showing him the kind of things people can do in this game, including my 19′ Sorsha charge! For those who don’t know:

pSorsha casts Wind Rush first. Moves 6 inches. Then she casts Boundless Charge which gives her +2 Movement on a Charge. Then she declares a charge on her target. 6 + 3 + 2 = 11 inch charge, with 13 inch threat due to Reach. Add in the 6 you already moved due to Wind Rush and you have a 19in total distance you can get across the board. So on turn 3 I did that, got in range, and before my Charge Attack popped my feat and brought Stryker to 3 boxes!

Oh and as a side note: His Lancer was squaring off with my Juggernaut and thanks to his damn Shock Shield he fried my Juggernauts Cortex in one turn (Charge and got 2 of the cortex boxes and then hit with the shield to kill the last box!)

Then for the NEXT 3 TURNS we sat in base to base, trying to kill each other. On the 1st he popped his feat and brought Sorsha to 1 box! 1. Single. Box. Turn after that I could not hit him, turn after that he could not hit me, and finally on the 3rd round of beatings I got him and killed him. He had a blast.

He ended up facing Richard and Richard’s Battlebox of Circle, but I have no idea how that ended.

My next game was against a new Trollblood player who had traded some of his 40k stuff to Kenny (The Cygnar Player) for his Trollstuff. Kenny gave him a kind of…odd setup. Grim, Bushwhackers, Blizter, and then 2 Impalers and an Axer along with a Fell Caller. Not BAD but this guy wanted to roll up in Melee. I let him Proxy a caster of his choosing and per his wants, we played 15 total points. I brought my usual 15:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog

He decided to try pMadrak!

– Axer
– Impaler
– Impaler
Bushwhackers (Min)

Madrak and the Bushwhackers dealt with my Widowmakers within the first 2 turns. My Widowmakers were only able to kill 2 Pygs! Sadness.

His Axer got a charge off on my Juggernaut and was able to knock out the Juggernauts left arm (open fist) and movement. My Juggernaut then crushed the axer. Butcher was sitting with Iron Flesh and I didn’t want to drop it, so I actually USED the Butchers gun on an Impaler!

The win came after a flurry of ranged attacks from his 2 Impalers and Madrak on Butcher, dealing 12 total points to me. But he made once crucial mistake.

He left Madrak with 1 fury and in clear view of Butcher, and in charge range.

My turn has me feat, drop Iron Flesh, and charge. I bring Madrak to a tough roll in 2 swings….and HE MAKES A TOUGH ROLL! So I buy another attack, force another tough roll, and he fails that one.

All in all a fun game!

Both guys seemed to have fun and were actually excited about prospects of expanding. Hopefully when the 25 point tourney comes around on the 30th they will be there.

WNW – Kaya vs Butcher, and the North and South team up?!

Another Wednesday night passes, and with it, another night of Warmachine. Last night was interesting. While no one new showed up but a store employee (boo! I know you are out there!) The man Richard, who plays Cryx, showed up with a 25 point Circle army!

He challenged me, and we threw down. He ran the following:

– Argus
– Argus
– Feral Warpwolf
– Pureblood Warpwolf
– Woldwyrd

and I ran my pButcher death list (thats what I call it!)

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
Kayazy Assassins Min
– Underboss

This game was interesting. I knew he was playing a new faction, and is still learning how to play Warmahordes (he gets kinda annoyed with the things the models can do, he calls them “cheesy” and “broken”), so I left myself open several times and gave him chances to kill me.

First two turns has me running my forces up as he stays hidden behind a house. Turn 2 has me taking a few pot shots with my Widowmakers at his Argus, but all but 1 is out of range. That one puts 4 damage on the Argus. He then comes out to play. First he wants to try to charge me when he can’t see me so I gotta point out he can’t. So he walks out his Feral and warps armor.

He ends up getting his Pureblood out and sprays my Kayazy, but they are sitting at DEF 17 thanks to Iron Flesh, and he forgets that he can use the animus of the Pureblood to ignore Iron Flesh. By doing this, he leaves space near Kaya for my Kayazy to get in. This happens on my turn 4. I activate Butcher first, walk up, feat, and then cast Fury on the Kayazy (having not upkept Iron Flesh) I then activate the Kayazy, mini feat, and get 2 in melee with Kaya, 1 in melee with an Argus who happens to also be in melee with one of the two who are playing with Kaya, and then the rest get up in his Pureblood and Woldwyrd’s grill. I manage to kill his Pureblood, damage his Feral thru transfers from Kaya (a damage roll of 19 after ARM followed by another 18 after ARM will do that). He ended up using everything he had to kill off my Kayazy and he did about 8 damage to Butcher via a spell and shots from the Wyrd on his next turn. He only had a Feral left but had used it to kill a Kayazy. On my next turn I got my Juggernaut into melee with Kaya via a trample, and then forced her to transfer damage out to the Feral, killing it.

On his turn, he shot me again this time with Kaya, bringing Butchers defense down thanks to her spell, and brought Butcher to 8 boxes left.

On my turn, which would be the last, I loaded up my Juggernaut with 3 Focus, and then cast Full Throttle, taking the free shot from the Wyrd. I survived with 3 boxes left, and the now autoboosted rolls of the Juggernaut ate Kaya.

After that the four of us who were there played a team game. Dan and Richard using their Circle at 15 points each vs Me and Kenny. We went with Mangled Metal / T&C and I could only field 10 points so Kenny took my other 5. I forget what everyone was running beyond what I was doing (Basically the khador Battlebox but with Butch instead of Sorsha)

Flipping game took forever, and I was the first one killed. However during the game I chatted with the new Menoth player and a friend of his, and now his friend wants to get a Skorne battlebox. So it was worth it. Apparently my team lost. I had to leave after I was taken out. Dan ended up getting the winning blow thanks to help from Richard so everything worked out.

Overall a fun night! Hopefully some of the new people will show up next week.

Warmachine Wednesday 9/15/10 – Deneghra and Kara Sloan meet the Butcher

And lose. Thats right, another 2 wins for Clayton! I played 2 games this past Wednesday (we have 4 whole players including me, YAY!) at Phoenix Games. My first game was against Kenny again, and this time it was almost a Grudge match, as he was getting annoyed at not beating me.

We played 25 points, and he brought the following Kara Sloan list.

Kara Sloan
– Defender
– Defender
– Hunter
– Hunter
– Reinholdt

I saw that and went “Great, guns. Lots of guns.” I knew that Reinholdt would be a big problem as it let Kara take 2 shots, and I don’t think anyone wants to play with a ranged Weapon Master.

I brought a Tier 1 pButcher List

– Destroyer
– Juggernaut
– War Dog
Max Man o War Shocktroopers (Leader and 4 Troops)

So the first turn I completely forget to allocate focus! Which means that beyond my Manhunter running up my right flank and my Widowmakers running up the left, my main center (STs, jacks, and Butch) just slowly walk up. On his turn he finds he is just out of range of my front line, and on my next turn I run up my Jacks, and then keep the ST’s as a wall in front of Butch with them in Shieldwall. I use my Widowmakers who are able to draw a bead on Reinholdt and I take him out. This makes Kenny sad, and he tells me I am the first person to actually aim for Reinholdt. My Manhunter runs further up.

In the end he tries to get an assassination on my with his feat, but misses repeatedly. My Widowmakers had drawn a bead on Kara and had done 14 points to her, leaving her at 2. On my turn I load up the Destroyer with 2 Focus, feat, and use my RAT 4 Model to kill Kara Sloan. I roll 16 damage total, which would have killed her at full health. Again, I beat the shooty army…with a shot. Best part of this all though was my Manhunter making a freestrike on one of his Defenders, and it hitting for 21 damage, which became 14 after ARM was taken into effect. Gotta love boosted damage on a Weapon Master.

Second game was against Richard, who is another one of the store employees. He plays 40k / Fantasy mostly, so was not super familiar with the rules. He brought the following Cryx list.

– Nightmare
– Harrower
– Defiler
Min Bile Thralls
Machine Wraith

After reading the Machine Wraith’s card I wanted NOTHING to do with that thing. So first chance I got? BOMBARD! Killed it one shot, and did a bit of damage to his Harrower, like 1 point. Yay blast damage!

The Bile Thralls and Widowmakers killed each other early on, and he did his best to stay away from my Manhunter, who once again was running up the right hand flank. The biggest mistake Richard made though was on his feat turn. He charged Nightmare into my Destroyer, left it with one box, activated everything else, and THEN FEATED AT THE END OF HIS TURN! The only use of his feat was preventing my army from moving. So I just cast Iron Flesh, and upkept Fury on my MoW STs. He ended up use Deneghra’s spell that grants Ghostly to get Nightmare into melee with Butcher, after I killed my own Destroyer with my ST’s Shieldguns.

Yes, I shot with my ST’s guns. Because they couldn’t move. LOL

After I did that, he gave Nightmare 4 Focus (we werent sure if it could cause it had Affinity: Deneghra, so I let him), and he cast the Ghostly spell from Deneghra on Nightmare, and charged into pButcher. We got into a slight argument about if Ghostly let the jack ignore Models, and I told him no because it did not say Models specifically. In the end he got the charge anyway and I even pointed out where he could charge. He had killed his last prey (the Destroyer) so had made pButch his prey.

He charges in, Combo Smites, hits my DEF 19 (Dog + Iron Flesh wewt) and does PS 24+3d6 damage…and rolls 4. Thats right, 4 damage. Minus my ARM (21 due to FOC), he does 7 total damage.

He has 3 FOC left on Nightmare, so buys attacks and whiffs on ALL OF THEM.

Next turn Butcher feats, and wrecks Nightmare. I had upkept Iron Flesh on pButcher and Fury on the STs, had the STs charge under my feat AND…whiff their attacks against the Harrower and the Defiler. BAH!

However, he only killed the 2 STs that were engaging his stuff on his turn, and my 2 remaining charged straight into Deneghra and killed her on my turn. The first guy killed her doing 21 points of damage, against her HP of 16.

Overkill much? Yea, I do that.

Dan only got to play 1 game against Kenny, at the same time I was playing Richard. Dan won his game, here is how it went down in his own words:

“I ran the stlker around the back of the volcano
I pulled kromac up on the other side.
The warpwolf was killed by Kenny.
the feral was killed that is.
THen I warped berserk on the stalker.
Charged a shredder, killed it.
Warpath moved to lilith
I started in the back arc so I had bonus to hit.
He spent the fury token she had to transfer
another shredder died
Stalker ended, kromac activated, beasted out, advanced and jumped to lilith, and killed her.
I think Kenny might have had a fury token that he forgot to reave from the shredder that died via transfer
But still, I had 5 fury left to buy more attacks.”

The list Dan ran was the usual Kromac, Stalker, Feral. Kenny was running a Legion list of eLylyth, 4 Shredders, and a Carniveran.

Apparently as well a gent who just got out of the Army had come in earlier in the day/week and had expressed interest in bringing him and his pals out to start playing so hopefully that pans out! Maybe we can make something out of this store yet!

Warmachine Wednesday! 35 Point Throwdown!

Last night was another fun night at Phoenix Games and I got to play my first 35 point game, against Kenny and his Cygnar. Now, I only did this cause I wanted to try out the Behemoth again. I had tried him in a few smaller games (mangled metal) and was kinda not happy with him, so I figured I would give him one more shot in a large point game.

I ran the following, which I know is not optimal. But hey its what I had.

– Behemoth
– Destroyer
– Juggernaut
– War Dog
Min Man o War Shocktroopers

Kenny was once again running eCaine. I vaugly remember the following:

– Hunter
– Squire
Journeyman Warcaster
– Hunter
Gun Mages
– Hunter
Black 13th

There may have been a GMCA I don’t remember. There were ALOT of guns. I didn’t take notes or pictures however, I do have a few highlights!

I go first, and had put my Widowmakers on the right hand side facing his Gun Mages. He puts Eiryss right in front of the AD’ed…. So as my first activation for the turn I walk the Widowmakers up. Now he said Eiryss had DEF 18 which would mean I would need an 11 to hit. So I take my 3 shots (the 4th Widowmaker was not in range) and the 3rd shot hits her. I ask her Armor, and I am told its 12. Hey look, dice minus 2! I shoot, and deal 9, minus 2 is 7. Killing her on the first turn with my first activation.

Things sorta snowballed downhill from there.

The game lasted till my 3rd turn. At that point I had both my Destroyer and Behemoth in Bombard range of Caine. So I gave Behemoth 2 to his Subcortex, and 1 to my Destroyer. I used the other 3 to cast Full Throttle and move. I had my Juggernaut charge a Hunter and really cripple it. I had my Widowmakers move through a forest and pop the 2 remaining Black 13th (the first having died to a deviated bombard shot from the Behemoth) and then I take my 3 Bombard shots. Caine had been hit earlier by a deviated one so some damage was on him already.

Destroyer goes first, hits, and does I think 11 damage. eCaine is now sitting at 1 HP!

Behemoth goes. First shot misses and deviates off into LALA Land. Second shot howeveR? Direct hit. eCaine is pasted again.

By Bombards.

From RAT 4 models.


Kenny was staring at the board, laughing his head off. He took an all shooty list and got OUT GUNNED By a Butcher list. That says something to my luck with Dicerolls.

Now lets talk about Big B and my feelings about him. I have run him in a few games, one big the others small and here is what I think.

I don’t like him. WHAT you may be saying? Why?! He is AP and 4 attacks and and and… ect ect. You know what? He is 13 flipping points. Yes he won that game for me. But if I didn’t have him I could have run the entire Winterguard Deathstar (Full WG, UA, 3 Rocketeers, Joe) for the exact same cost. That is MUCH more devestating in any sense of the word! I mean, thats 15 spray attacks! 3 AOEs! DEF 19! Much worse to deal with (although the B13 could hurt them a bit)

Furthermore, Behemoth is a target. He hits the table, everyone wants to kill him, so unless I spend points on Mechaniks, I am gonna lose him eventually. The only reason I got to use him was because the bit of damage that Kenny did barely scratched the big guy. But if you concentrate fire on him you can cripple him fairly quickly. ARM 21 dont mean much against AP and things.

Also his point cost is insane! I could have fit a ton more dudes instead of him and been just as good, if not better.

So I am going to return Behemoth to the man who let me borrow him to try him. I really just don’t need or want the big guy at the moment.

Instead of buying him I am going to buy into Malifaux. Thats right, Malifaux. Me, Dan, Kenny, and Matt are all interested in the game, its small scale, its story/scenario driven gameplay, and the minis.

I am going for this crew:

My friend Dan is thinking of this one:

Kenny, he wants more guns! Mainly apparently because he can use the minis as B13 replacements.

And finally Matt is thinking of this girly:

Hilariously that means that me and Kenny, without knowing, picked the groups who hunt Dan and Matts! Kenny vs Matt, Dan vs Me. Its gonna have to happen.

Finally, in the Tier Fight Event over at Lost Hemisphere I am standing at the top, which makes me laugh.

Phoenix Games Rocks! (And 2 Battle Reports!)

If you read nothing else in this long post, then all you really need to know is this: Phoenix Games in Orlando rocks. Plain and simple. Now you are probably wondering what brought me to this realization, this…decision. Well, its pretty simple really. Lets start with some history.

You see, as I have previously mentioned, Rhubarb Games is closing on the 28th, which is about a week away now. The people who play there are still not making any decisions about what to do and where to go after the store closes. They want to enjoy what time Rhubarb has left, and while I feel that is fine, I am also of the opinion that you need to plan ahead.

Now I found Phoenix Games by chance, when I was looking for a place to play HeroClix and try it out. When I found the site I discovered that they were holding Warmachine and Hordes night on Wednesday night, which is my usual games night (usually for Magic the Gathering), so last night I decided to head up there and see what it was like, after I called and spoke with their TO Matt.

It took me about 20 minutes to reach the store, which is about 10 minutes less then it normally takes me to get to Rhubarb. Already I have found a plus, shorter travel time! For me at least hehe. So I walk in and find a nice, clean, large, and well-lit store. In the front were tables for card gaming, and in fact a large number of Magic the Gathering Draft events were going on. As I walked to the back where the wargaming tables were I noticed a group of people playing the Warhammer Living Card Game, and another group doing HeroClix. I sat my stuff down, and glanced around a bit more, noticing the large projector setup which had been playing “The Goonies” (awesome by the way!) and I also noticed the HUGE wall of GW Stuff, along with an entire shelf of foam, and a wide selection of cases. They also had a nice stock of Board Games too. They even had a Searforge Battlebox! Thats old school right there!

A gentleman walked up to me after about 2 minutes, and introduced himself as Matt and asked if I was the guy who had called previously. We chatted for a bit, and then we threw down with a 15 point game. While we were setting up he pointed out the other primary Warmahordes player, named Kenny, who was a guy playing HeroClix. Imagine my surprise when I recognized him as someone I had seen at Rhubarb a few times, who played Cygnar!

I will do the battle reports after I finish talking about the actual store. Suffice to say both Matt and Kenny were a blast to play, and I ended up staying till 11:30 pm (I got there at 7:45pm) just chatting with the guys, throwing ideas out to help build their playerbase as well as giving em the info to the Press Ganger I know, Chris Cuevas (And Chris, if you read this, CALL THESE FOLKS MAN). They really want to expand on their Wargaming in general, both Warmahordes and 40k / Fantasy. Matt told me that he hasn’t found who the PG was in Orlando, hence my giving him Chris’s info (at least what I had, which was the Forum Name! :P) and was trying to do alot of setting things up for the store. Kinda feel sorry for the guy, he is trying to run all the miniatures stuff and a few of the card game leagues 0_0

All in all the atmosphere, friendlyness, and general just feeling in the store was completely positive. Matt and Kenny both work there, but it was also their Night off so they were just guys hanging out and having fun.

So lets talk about the actual games. First up, I faced Matt and his Legion, 15 point game. He ran the following:

– Carniveran
– Nephiliam Soldier
– Shredder

and I used my usual pButcher list (For reference)

– Destoryer
– Juggernaut
– War Dog

We played on a very terrain light board, which was fine, as we both just wanted to throw down and go for the throat. My Widowmakers did a single point of damage to the Soldier early on via Sniper, and my Destoryer actually did 11 to Thagrosh when he had no transfer targets. Which was pretty funny. This of course caused him to pop another Shredder into play (flippin ability!)

In the end, he got his Carnie into melee with the Destoryer, and took it down. I ended up charging the Carnie with Butcher, and killing it (but due to poor rolls on my feat turn, it took ALL my focus), and then the Juggernaut, who was stuck in melee with both Shredders (who did 4 points to it) trampled over them into Thagrosh, and missed with a snake eyes roll on trying to hit the guy.

Thagrosh took the free strike, charged Butcher, and destroyed him.

Matt was awesome to play against. We ended up turning our game into a demo game for some people who seemed very interested in the system, and they started looking at the product line and stuff at the store. So maybe me and him started something.

Next up, I faced Kenny and his Cygnar!

He ran the following uber shooty list:

– Hunter
– Hunter
– Squire
Gunmage Captain Adept
Black 13th

I used the same list as before, as its all I got eheheh. Now, I have faced Cygnar once, it was in a 4 way game, and it was against pCaine and I ended up shooting pCaine with Grim Angus and winning. This was a much different battle.

I spent the first turn moving up, and he took a couple of shots with his hunters at my jacks, and having forgotten to allocate, he did nearly nothing to them even with AP. The Black 13th got a Mage Storm off, killing 2 of my Widowmakers. In reality he was trying to just get the cloud in play to block LOS, but it did something better eheheh. Next turn found my 2 remaining Widowmakers killing his GMCA. My Juggernaut kept advancing, and here is where the game got funny. He threw EVERYTHING into killing my Juggernaut. And I mean everything. Multiple Brutal Shots, Caine at one point dumped ALL his Focus into it, and it took him 3 turns to bring my Juggernaut down. It was HILARIOUS. And the whole time this was going on my Destoryer kept taking pot shots at eCaine, and missing (Needing a 13 to hit I had to boost those rolls.) During this time my 2 Widowmakers take a shot and one of them hits eCaine (10 to hit!) and does enough damage to bring eCaine to 9 boxes. eCaine had enough and took my Widowmakers down himself (took a few tries thanks to Camo!)

Turn 4 comes around, and I take my pot shot at eCaine with the Destoryer.

I boost to hit…need a 13.

My dice come up…. 6 6 5.

We stared. And then we both started laughing. eCaines armor? 13…DICE +1 Damage!

I roll damage, boosting it… Dice come up 6 4 5.

eCaine is splattered… BY MY DESTORYER!

In this game, Butcher did nothing but dole out focus. Hell I never even FEATED.

In both games, my opponents were awesome, and friendly. I cannot wait to go back up there and face them again, and maybe some other people. If I am lucky, some of the guys from Rhubarb will read this, and decide to check this place out as a replacement gaming location.

Till next time folks!