How the elections actually work in the US

So Trump won. Thats the end of that. Lots of people are angry. And in truth, no matter what, shit was going to go down after this one way or another. I am not going to get into my choices or anything because thats private (but it werent trump nor hillary I can tell ya that much as I find both deplorable choices).

Further, people are freaking out now because it appears that Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump still won. Well thats cause your vote, as a person, for the president literally means nothing. The electoral college chooses the winner and while they generally go with their state, they CAN choose to ignore it. This is also why a 3rd party candidate will NEVER win. The Electoral college is made up of Dems and Reps and they will never choose some random Libertarian or whatever.

But here is the thing, what people forget: The president actually matters very little. He/She is a figurehead, there to make $400k-ish a year for LIFE (yes LIFE!) and glad hand.

The president has the following powers as his office:

“The Constitution explicitly assigns to the president the power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces, ask for the written opinion of his or her Cabinet, convene or adjourn Congress, grant reprieves and pardons, and receive ambassadors. The president may make treaties which need to be ratified by two thirds of the Senate. The president may also appoint Article III judges and some officers with advice and consent of the Senate (consent being by simple majority) and if there is a Senate recess, he may make temporary appointments.”

Thats not a whole lot. What it really means is he is the guy who decides if a law is valid or not (the veto), he is TECHNICALLY in charge of the armed forces, and he can mess with Congress by adjourning it. He/She can also appointed Supreme Court Judges ASSUMING there is a seat open (which is rare as these are appointed for life).  Basically the President cannot do shit without Senate or Congress approval.  Yes, he does have the Presidential Order option, but that is nearly never used as it can cause Congress to rise up and Impeach the Pres, removing him/her from office for Abuse of Power.

Now here is the important thing: Congress (aka the House of Representatives and the Senate) is where the real power lies. These are the men and women who make laws. Who decide what gets voted on, and how its voted on. These are the people who really make the decisions that shape our country.

Even if Trump veto’s a law he doesn’t like, Congress can actually overturn it via 2/3 majority vote!  So again, Congress has the power.

And the worst part? Its nigh impossible to determine who is worth a damn in Congress.

For the Senate, there are exactly 2 seats per state, so usually there are 4 options (2 dems, 2 reps) for you to vote on. You can usually determine which candidates for these seats match your views and what you want.  Sometimes there are 3rd party options, and these CAN WIN because the Popular Vote chooses these folks.

The House? Well thats a whole nothing mess. You see the House seats are based on state size, divided equally amount the states based on population. A Small state will have fewer seats available then a larger. There are 435 house seats available total, for example, and 27 of those are Florida, 53 are California, ect. Wyoming has 1, and South Dakota has 1. See the issue?

And just imagine that for each seat there are 2 options (One Dem, one Rep) plus any 3rd party options!

And these folks ARE VOTED IN SOLELY BY THE POPULAR VOTE! This means, for my state alone, there are something like 54 available people I would have to sit down and research to try to determine which ones I feel are best suited for the job, not even thinking about the 3rd party options. This is maddening, and I simply do not have time for it, as most people wouldn’t. Imagine Cali? Over 100 options easily.

And these are the folks who decide what happens by law, them and the 100 Senate Members.

And if you notice: The Media NEVER talks about it. They focus on our scapegoat, our Pres. Never the power behind the throne. Its to make you focus on what less important.

This is how The US System works. Right here.

And right now the Republicans have the majority in Congress, meaning they have the most power.

In the overall scheme of things, Trump matters very little. He has no power, he cant MAKE Congress do what he wants. He is just the public face of the country. Unless the folks in Congress agree with him, his policies will never happen. Its not and never has been a 1 person show.

REMEMBER THAT. Cause the Politicians sure as hell don’t want you to.

Oh, and unlike a Pres, Congress has no term limits. These mother fuckers can go forever and ever, and frequently do because folks see that long ass list of names and go “Well they are already there fuck it keep em there!”

This is shit taught in High School, usually for half a school year.  Most folks forget this is how it works.  I don’t blame em for it either.  But there it is.


A Surprising Revelation!

So I was checking out my views for the blog, curious as to how I have been doing. As far as follower count I have seemingly peaked, which I am not surprised by in the slightest. Each of you who follows me for whatever reason you have chosen to do so is a treasure.

But what has amazed me is this revelation: Every day this week I posted a Youtube Video I created, I got crap views. No one paid attention, no one liked it, nothing. But on the two days I posted just general blog / thoughts I had a SPIKE in attention.

This is fascinating to me. This is why I have decided to not post any more of my personal youtube creations here. You all have clearly spoken and the word is “WE DONT WANT VIDS!”

Which is fine.

Its just very fascinating.

Did you know I have a Youtube Channel?

Cause I do.

I don’t post videos very often although I am trying to do this more and more.  Its gaming focused, of course, and since I started doing Game Reviews I find that I have a tad more motivation for recording and uploading videos to go along with the written reviews.

Admittedly, my videos are not short.  Most are 30 minutes, and a few even longer.  I tend to go in depth with the games I play and discuss the various parts of them.

My channel for those who care:

Its hard work, keeping up with Youtube.  I have no illusions about becoming the next PewDiePie or JackSepticEye.  I don’t bother with trying to be super funny or over the top.  I don’t try to stir up drama or anything.  I just talk about what I like.

Its amazing how some people on Youtube just explore while others who are just as awesome go nowhere.  I know another friend of mine, Sega Galactigo, has a decent channel ( and he seems to be sitting at around 145 subs, and he posts videos much more frequently than I do.  He is also pretty damn funny and has a gimmick (a Luchadore who reviews Games, complete with Mask!)

What does it take to become popular I wonder?  I found another guy who has over one million subs, and he is basically a copycat of Jacksepticeye, only he focuses mostly on racing games and GTA styled games.  He is loud, over the top, and refers to his viewers as his Cops.  He made me laugh, I admit.  Should those who wish to become popular copy them?

Who knows how Youtube works.  I sure as hell don’t.  I do notice that almost all of em have the whole Webcam window though.  And I don’t.  But I don’t have a webcam either.

What makes you like or sub to a Youtuber?  What do you look for?  Is there anything in particular you like or dislike?

Coming up with Daily Content

Without using those memes / starters that lots of people do, sometimes I find it hard to come up with daily content.  Some days it’s easy to think of something to write about.  I have lots of thoughts in my head struggling to get out at times.  And other times, jesus it’s so blank in my head why!

I don’t know why I avoid tags like “To Be Read Tuesdays” and the like either.  Maybe it makes things too easy?

I find that doing daily content is important however.  It keeps people coming back, keeps things relevant I suppose, and shows you are nothing if not active.

How do you guys come up with things to write about?

The “It Gets Better” Argument, and why I hate it

Recently I played and then wrote a review for a game.  It’s not a flattering review.  The game failed to keep me engaged beyond 2 hours, and I simply got sick of trying to play it and moved on.  The review is not posted yet, its waiting approval from the editor of the site.

Because of this game, I have decided to create what I am calling the “2 Hour Rule”, based on the Steam Refund Guidelines.  You see, Steam allows a person to refund a game for any reason if you have 2 hours or less total playtime, and it’s been 2 weeks or less since you purchased it.  2 hours is plenty of time to get a feel for a game and determine if you will like it.

However, there are many times when you will tell people you stopped playing a game, or reading a book, or watching a movie / tv show prior to getting very far and fans will often go “But you HAVE to keep going!  It gets better!”

This is an argument I despise.  It gets better is not a valid reason to force myself to continue experiencing something I am not enjoying.  Why should I force myself to slog through uninteresting, unengaging drivel to get to what someone else perceives to be “the good parts”.

I shouldn’t.  And I don’t.

I got flack from the author of The Spirit Collectors because I refused to finish his novel.  He literally used the “It gets better” argument to try to force me to finish.  I flat refused.  Much like I have done with this game.

You see, any form of media, whether it be book, movie, tv, or game, needs to be engaging from the start in some form or another.  It needs to pull the participant in and make them care.  The promise that it gets better later is not good enough.  Time is precious, and there are so many good books, good movies, good games out there that spending any amount of time on something I do not enjoy is not worth it.  I work a full time job and do my writing in my spare time, and frankly, I have limited free time.

I don’t care if something “Gets better”.  It needs to be good from the start.  It needs to draw me in and make me care.  Otherwise, I will never go any further and I will happily drop it.

Simple as that.  First impressions, as they say, are everything.

Article Share: Git Gud vs Enjoying Games

I wanted to share an article today, and some thoughts on it.

The article is from RockPaperShotgun, and is titled An End To “GIT GUD” – You Don’t Need To Be “Good” At Games To Enjoy Them.

And you know what?  Its true.  I for one play games generally on either Normal or Easy settings.  I play to enjoy a good story and experience.  And while I no longer play games that are super hard, I used to, long ago.  I chilled out.  Challenge is all well and good (and a little challenge is needed) but you wont find me rocking Total War on Legendary for example, or playing Dark Souls at ALL.

This article resonated with me, because as I mentioned before, I am going to soon be reviewing games every so often on another site.  And I worry about how my opinions will be received, to a point.  Granted, I am easily able to ignore nonsense like “Git Gud Skrub” and whatnot.  But its still annoying and stupid.

Play games to enjoy them, in whatever way that means to you.  If you enjoy a game like Candy Crush then enjoy it.  If you want to play Dark Souls 3 without rolling using only unarmed then do it.  Do what makes you happy and stop judging others for enjoying something in a way that is different from yours.

Well this is a Milestone I did not expect: 100 Followers!


I know the vast majority of the people following this blog came when I was doing my book reviews, and frankly I am rather surprised they have not left given that I have not been doing said reviews. I know I keep saying I am going to do more, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I will do little quickies or something.

But to each of you who have stuck around: Thank you.

I hope you all don’t mind the newer random content, more focused on generally nerdy things and the like. I am going to try to start doing a weekly “What am I reading and playing” post, which I aim to have up later today. So maybe that will cross both the gaming and reading topics that I seem to be attracting.

And I hope to post more often in general.

Here is to the next hundred! :)