Playing and Reading – Week of 6/5/16 to 6/11/16


Quick and dirty, let’s get this going.  I know I am a few days late but eh, such is life!


For games, I played a bit of Voidspire Tactics, some Chronicle: Runescape Legends, some Steamworld Heist, and a dash of Torment Tides of Numenera.  Oh and some Battleborn (finally finished every PvE mission solo).  I also finished the main story branch of Stories: The Path of Destinies which was amazing.  I am going to start playing Fallout 4 again with the announcement of the new DLC.  I am excited about the Weapon and Armor displays and yes I am aware that PC had mods that did it, but those mods were not fully stable last I checked and getting official ones is a much better option.  I did mod in some radio station options though, notably Old World Radio and Jet Fuel Radio.


Been working my way through the Alex Verus series actually after I finished City of Blades last week.  I have gone through the first three Alex Verus books last week and I am on book 4 right now.  I honestly prefer this series over the Dresden Files simply because of tone.  Alex is a much more fun and interesting hero then Harry.  With the Dresden Files I tend to like the supporting cast more then Harry himself, but with the Verus books I am enjoying everyone.  Hero, Supporting Cast, Villains, everything.  Its much more interesting.

I also finished the first Trial of Apollo book by Rick Riordan.  It was decent, although Apollo as a character constantly annoyed me.  I am not sure having me hate your main character is a good thing.

Tomorrow Stiletto by Daniel O Malley comes out, and I already have my Ebook copy waiting.  I loved The Rook and can’t wait for more shenanigans.


Bethesda at E3: Fallout 4 and Skyrim Remastered

I am sure there is tons of excitment over Skyrim Remastered for PC/Xbox One/PS4

For me though, its these new DLC for Fallout 4 that has me excited.

First, we have Contraptions DLC coming out THIS WEEK!  Elevators?  YES!  Weapon and Armor Racks?!  YESSSSSS.  Thats all I needed.  The other parts are…odd?  I am not sure what the point of them are.

Then in July we have Vault Tec!  This is insane.  Building my own vault is awesome.  And then experimenting on my Vault Dwellers?  Thats messed up lol

And finally is Nuka World in August.  A goddamn theme park.  WTF.

Oh and Fallout Shelter is coming to PC.  Thats cool.

Finally, it has been announced that if you own Skyrim Legendary Edition or Skyrim + All DLC on PC, you will get Skyrim Remastered for FREE on October 28th.

So Fallout 4 Mods have come to Consoles…and the results are not pretty.

I found out about this thanks to this Reddit Post by Raging-Afro. Now obviously I am sure most console players are not like these folks but I keep seeing reports all over the Fallout subreddits and others about these sort of begging and pleading comments, coupled with demands.

I mean just look at this data. Just look. Its….crazy. The infighting with a comment like “pls add to xbox but not ps4 they r hakors!” and another guy writing a bloody paragraph about how much he wants an AK47 / framerate nonsense.

Hell, there is a super popular and prolific modder by the name Elianora who is tired of it. She has this to say: “I understand that console users want mods BADLY. But WE GET IT. I GET IT. I GOT IT AFTER LIKE 2 MESSAGES. I don’t need 10 comments on Youtube, my Facebook, my mod pages, my Twitter and my account inbox every day asking for it. ಠ_ಠ” Her comment can be found right here if you are curious.

Honestly, some PC Players are not helping either by belittling the console players.

This nonsense is outta hand. Please guys, just enjoy the damn game and STOP FIGHTING LIKE FUCKING CHILDREN.

Playing & Reading – Week of 5/1/16 to 5/7/16


I lied earlier! I am gonna do it today. Its my blog and I DO WHAT I WANT

Seeing as how this will be the inaugural “Playing & Reading” I am not exactly sure how I want to format it. If you want to do these meme/post thing then I encourage you to do so. Perhaps I can make this a thing. That would be cool. But don’t be stealing my logo mate! I will rek you I swear on me mum!



Firstly, I have been on a Hearthstone kick with the release of the Old Gods expansion. With Standard being a format I can get behind, I am having an ok time…generally. This game has reminded me however of why I hate RNG games at times: My horrid luck. Last night, for example, I had MULTIPLE instances of failing to draw any of my answers and losing games just due to poor draw luck. Or doing the current tavern brawl and getting crap beasts that are unusable. THE SALT WAS REAL LAST NIGHT HOLY CRAP!

I am also getting back into Fallout 4. Part of this is to reacquaint myself as I want to start doing some basic modding, maybe level designs and dungeons. Part of this is to prepare for Far Harbor which releases 5/19/16. The trailer was awesome, the new monsters look scary as hell, and hey, new zone with new settlements? Sign me up! I still haven’t really done either Wasteland Workshop (The Cages, Arena System, and new Building Options look amazing) nor have I gone very far in Automatron beyond getting access to robots on an old save. I started over, male SS, who is going to hang with Hancock and Curie

Still working on Dragon Age Inquisition as well, 40 hours into my current character. Dwarf Assassin Rogue who romanced Sera. So damn cute. I need to finish this. So many games, so little time ya know?

I am also debating getting back to Star Wars the Old Republic so I can finally get Vette back on my Sith Warrior in Knights of the Fallen Empire. I am going to discuss that with my wife as she usually plays with me, but given how Solo Focused KOTFE is…it will prolly not matter. And I know she aint that interested in SWTOR anymore hehe.


Since getting my library card back a few weeks ago I have been hitting the digital books HARD. I finished a couple of books this week.

Yesterday I completed Killing Pretty by Richard Kadrey. It is the latest Sandman Slim novel and I honestly enjoyed it quite a bit. If you like Urban Fantasy you should check out the Sandman Slim series, but be prepared for some violence, horror, and a generally unpleasant ride. But its damn well written, tight and focused and it gets the point across.

I also reread Truth of Valor by Tayna Huff so I could remember where Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr was going before I move onto the Peacekeeper series that just started. If you want some solid sci fi military action with a damn fine female protagonist you should check out the Valor series. Gunnery Sergeant Kerr is phenomenal. Honestly though I feel Truth of Valor is the weakest of the bunch as the romance between Kerr and the other MC (not gonna say his name) is the driving point for most of the novel…and I don’t like that.

Finally I read the Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross. Think Lovecraft meets IT with a dash of James Bond and you have the right idea. Its a very interesting book, more a collection of two shorter stories with the same characters and universe. I enjoyed it and honestly hope there is more out there, but you have to like these sorts of stories to enjoy it. If you liked The Rook by Daniel O’Malley you will probably like this. Its funny to see the idea that Math is basically magic and if you get complicated enough you can summon Horrors From Beyond the Stars. It makes me giggle…And of course there are sequels! Time to see if my library has em.

And that’s it for this week so far! I don’t see much changing but who knows! I might get interested in the Overwatch Beta for all I know!

Thanks for reading!