This Is! Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

I love this game.  No, really, I do.  Personally I prefer over Skyrim, mainly due to its more action based combo based combat systems.  Yes, it plays like a single player MMO but for me, thats perfectly fine.  The lore, the world, and the art style all combine together in a way that is unique and most importantly: FUN.


This Is! Heroes of a Broken Land

Another Tuesday means another youtube video about a video game, this time the Dungeon Crawling RPG / Strategy City Builder hybrid that is Heroes of a Broken Land.

Its a very odd game, with some odd restrictions such as no real full screen and no Widescreen support.  But its got some very nice pixel graphics and some interesting gameplay mechanics, even if its not very fancy looking with its effects.

Decent music too.  Sorry about the audio levels.  Its not the easiest thing to setup.

Review: Steamworld Heist

Truthfully while I do not personally enjoy this game, I can see its appeal. Here as always are my honest thoughts regarding this game and what I like and dislike about it!

Vox Ludicus

It has come to my attention recently that I have very different tastes in games from the vast majority of people.

You may find that an odd realization to come to. However, it hit me as I was playing Steamworld Heist, an indie darling that many people love, and I honestly don’t. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong. Visually stunning, a soundtrack created by the band Steam Powered Giraffe (of which I am a fan) and solid gameplay.

But it’s not my kind of game. And I do have some issues with the PC Port. Yes, I played the PC Port, a key was given to us by the developers and I was the reviewer tapped to try it.

Let’s get into my Pillars and I will break it down for ya.

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Early evaluation of StarCrawlers — Vox Ludicus

I did a thing. Its my first “review” / “early impression” whatever ya wanna call it. If you would be so kind as to go have a look dear followers I would be most appreciative!

Hello gentle readers, the name is Clay, and I am here to say, I am gonna write some words in a major way! Yes, I am also completely insane, but that’s just how I am. Today, as my first review on this site, I figured I would start with a small introduction about myself, and […]

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